‘Love Is Blind’ Star Izzy Zapata Spotted With Mystery Woman, Raises Concerns For Fiancée Stacy Snyder


Ismael “Izzy” Zapata, known for his appearance on the popular Netflix series “Love is Blind,” has recently been caught in a compromising situation, sparking rumors about the state of his relationship with his fiancée Stacy Snyder.

Key Takeaway

“Love is Blind” star Izzy Zapata was spotted on a date with a mystery woman, casting doubt on his engagement to Stacy Snyder. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode to find out the fate of their relationship.

A Mysterious Encounter

Witnesses at Hermosa Ink Collective in Hermosa Beach, CA, reported that Izzy was seen with a unidentified woman during a recent visit to the tattoo shop. The pair appeared to be on a date, with Izzy even resting his hand on her leg at one point.

Although Izzy shared photos on Instagram of himself enjoying a drink and pizza in Hermosa Beach, he conveniently left the mystery woman out of the images. Interestingly, the fact that Izzy was wearing the same outfit in both the IG shots and the tattoo shop suggests that the woman might have been behind the camera, capturing the moment for him.

A Troubled Relationship

This rendezvous holds significant implications for the future of Izzy and Stacy’s relationship. As avid fans of “Love is Blind” know, Izzy and Stacy are one of the two remaining couples from the pods currently featured on the show. In a recent episode, Stacy’s father, Dale, was seen interrogating Izzy about his intentions in their relationship.

Online discussions have been buzzing with praise for Dale, commending him for asking tough questions about love. However, if Izzy’s encounter on Monday is what it appears to be, it raises doubts about the future of Izzy and Stacy’s relationship and their chances for a happily ever after.