How To Watch All The DC Movies In Order


Man of Steel (2013)

Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, is the first installment in the DC Extended Universe. This rebooted version of Superman’s origin story introduces Henry Cavill as the titular character, Clark Kent/Superman, and explores his journey from being an alien refugee on Earth to becoming mankind’s hero.

The film begins on the planet Krypton, which is on the brink of destruction. Superman’s father, Jor-El, played by Russell Crowe, sends his infant son to Earth in a spaceship, hoping to save him from the impending doom. Clark is discovered and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent on a farm in Smallville, Kansas.

As Clark grows up, he struggles to come to terms with his unique abilities and his identity. He eventually meets Lois Lane, a determined and fearless reporter portrayed by Amy Adams. Together, they uncover a plot by the villainous General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, to terraform Earth into a new Krypton.

The action-packed sequences in Man of Steel showcase Superman using his superhuman strength, speed, and ability to fly to protect Earth and its people. The film also delves into the emotional and moral dilemmas faced by Clark as he balances his desire to be accepted and lead a normal life with his responsibility to use his powers for good.

Man of Steel received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the performances and visual effects, while others criticized the film for its dark and gritty tone. Nonetheless, it successfully lays the foundation for the DC Extended Universe and sets the stage for future superhero films.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder, brings together two iconic DC superheroes for an epic showdown. This film serves as a follow-up to Man of Steel and explores the complex relationship between Batman and Superman, played by Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, respectively.

Set in the aftermath of the events in Man of Steel, the world is divided in its opinion about Superman. While some view him as a godlike figure who can save humanity, others question his intentions and the extent of his power. Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is one of those who doubts Superman’s role as a protector.

The film delves deep into the psychological and philosophical differences between Batman and Superman. Bruce Wayne, fueled by his beliefs and a desire to keep humanity safe, sees Superman’s power as a threat. Meanwhile, Superman struggles to navigate the burden of his abilities and the moral dilemmas they present.

Amidst their conflict, Lex Luthor, portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, manipulates situations to pit the two heroes against each other. The battle between Batman and Superman becomes not only a physical clash but also a clash of ideologies.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also introduces other important characters from the DC universe, such as Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. Her inclusion sets the stage for the formation of the Justice League in future films.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and divided audiences. While some praised the performances and the visual spectacle, others criticized the storytelling and the darker tone. Regardless of the reviews, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice provides an intense and thought-provoking exploration of the collision between two of DC’s most iconic heroes.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer, takes a different twist on the superhero genre by focusing on a team of antiheroes instead of traditional heroes. This film brings together a group of dangerous super-villains forced to work for the government as a covert team in exchange for reduced sentences.

The story revolves around the formation of the Suicide Squad, led by Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis. Waller handpicks a diverse and eccentric group of criminals, including Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje).

The mission assigned to the Suicide Squad is to stop the powerful and mystical Enchantress, played by Cara Delevingne, who poses a significant threat to humanity. Along the way, they encounter other villains, including the Joker, portrayed by Jared Leto, who has a twisted relationship with Harley Quinn.

As they face a series of challenges, the members of the Suicide Squad must overcome their own personal demons and find a way to work together as a team. Despite their villainous nature, the characters bring a unique set of skills and charisma to the film, making them both entertaining and relatable.

Suicide Squad features a blend of action, humor, and a killer soundtrack that adds to its distinct style. The performances by the ensemble cast bring these complex and flawed characters to life, with Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn becoming an instant fan favorite.

While the film received mixed reviews from critics, it was a commercial success, showcasing the appeal of the darker and more unconventional side of the DC universe. Suicide Squad paved the way for future spin-offs and a greater exploration of the antihero genre within the DC Extended Universe.

Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, brings to life the iconic DC superheroine with power, grace, and a pivotal message of hope. The film chronicles the origin story of Diana Prince, played by Gal Gadot, as we witness her transformation into the fierce and compassionate warrior known as Wonder Woman.

Set during World War I, Wonder Woman follows Diana’s journey from her paradise island of Themyscira, home to the Amazons, to the war-torn world of humanity. When American spy Steve Trevor, portrayed by Chris Pine, crash-lands on the island and reveals the conflict raging beyond its shores, Diana embarks on a mission to bring an end to the war.

Wonder Woman showcases the strength, courage, and unwavering compassion of the titular character as she fights against the forces of evil and injustice. Her iconic Lasso of Truth, shield, and Amazonian training are on full display as she battles German forces and the menacing villain Ares, the God of War.

This film not only delivers thrilling action, but it also explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the power of humanity. Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana is both empowering and vulnerable, portraying the depth of her character with grace and charisma.

Wonder Woman became a critical and commercial success, breaking barriers as the first standalone female-led superhero film in the modern era. The film resonated with audiences worldwide, inspiring a new generation of fans and setting a new standard for female representation in the superhero genre.

Wonder Woman’s impact extends beyond the film itself. It serves as a symbol of empowerment and encourages inclusivity and gender equality. Diana Prince’s journey as Wonder Woman continues to inspire, paving the way for future female-led superhero films and shattering stereotypes.

Justice League (2017)

Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder, brings together a team of DC superheroes to protect the world from a catastrophic threat. This highly anticipated film unites Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in an epic battle against the supervillain Steppenwolf.

Following the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman and Wonder Woman join forces to assemble a team of metahumans with extraordinary abilities. They recruit the fast and witty Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, portrayed by Ezra Miller, the brooding and powerful Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, and the technologically enhanced Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg, portrayed by Ray Fisher.

The team struggles to come together, as each member carries their own personal baggage and doubts. However, they realize that only by working together can they hope to stand against Steppenwolf and his army of parademons, who seek to retrieve the powerful Mother Boxes and unleash devastation upon the world.

Justice League strikes a balance between intense action sequences and moments of camaraderie and humor amongst the team. The chemistry and interactions between the superheroes add depth and fun to the film, showcasing their distinct personalities and abilities.

While Justice League faced production challenges and mixed reception from critics, it still delivers a thrilling superhero ensemble film that fans have long awaited. The film serves as a stepping stone towards the future of the DC Extended Universe, laying the groundwork for future solo films and additional team-up adventures.

Justice League reminds us of the importance of unity and the power of cooperation, as these iconic heroes join forces to save the world from impending doom. It celebrates the spirit of heroism and leaves the audience eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the epic saga of the DC superheroes.

Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman, directed by James Wan, dives deep into the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and introduces audiences to the charismatic hero, Arthur Curry, played by Jason Momoa. This standalone film explores Arthur’s journey to claim his rightful place as the king of Atlantis and protect both the underwater realm and the surface world.

The film follows Arthur Curry, the half-human, half-Atlantean son of Queen Atlanna, portrayed by Nicole Kidman, and his quest to confront his destiny. With the help of Mera, portrayed by Amber Heard, Arthur must retrieve the legendary Trident of Atlan to prove his worthiness and unite the underwater kingdoms, while also facing the vengeful threats of his half-brother, King Orm, played by Patrick Wilson.

Aquaman takes audiences on a visually stunning adventure through the depths of the ocean, showcasing the vibrant and breathtaking world of Atlantis. The film combines epic underwater battles, dazzling visual effects, and exhilarating action sequences to create a unique cinematic experience.

Jason Momoa brings a rugged charm and humor to the role of Aquaman, making him a relatable and compelling hero. The film also delves into Arthur’s internal struggle to reconcile his human and Atlantean heritage, adding depth to his character.

With its diverse and dynamic cast of characters, Aquaman breaks new ground for representation in superhero films. The portrayal of strong and capable female characters, such as Mera and Atlanna, showcases their significant roles in the story and challenges traditional gender stereotypes.

Aquaman received positive reviews for its thrilling adventure, stunning visual effects, and charismatic performances. The film proved to be a commercial success, solidifying Aquaman’s place as a formidable hero within the DC Extended Universe.

With its blend of action, mythology, and the exploration of identity, Aquaman serves as an exciting and enjoyable standalone film that expands the DC universe and highlights the underwater wonders that await both Arthur Curry and the audience.

Shazam! (2019)

Shazam!, directed by David F. Sandberg, brings a refreshing and playful tone to the DC Extended Universe with its mix of humor, heart, and superhero action. The film revolves around the teenage orphan, Billy Batson, played by Asher Angel, who is granted the power to transform into the adult superhero Shazam, portrayed by Zachary Levi.

Billy’s encounter with an ancient wizard grants him the ability to transform into Shazam simply by uttering the word “Shazam!” Each time he says the word, he gains immense superhuman strength, the power of flight, and various other abilities.

As Billy embraces his newfound powers, he explores the joy and excitement of being a superhero, often with his foster brother Freddy Freeman, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, by his side. Together, they embark on fun-filled adventures while learning about the responsibilities that come with being a hero.

Shazam! stands out for its lighthearted and comedic approach, offering a fresh take on the superhero genre. The film embraces the fun side of being a superhero, as Billy discovers the extent of his abilities and navigates the complexities of being a teenager with extraordinary powers.

In addition to its humor, Shazam! also explores the themes of family, friendship, and the power of believing in oneself. The relationships between Billy and his foster family highlight the importance of love and support in shaping one’s identity and finding a sense of belonging.

Zachary Levi brings infectious energy and charm to the role of Shazam, capturing both the childlike wonder and the heroic stature of the character. The film’s ensemble cast, including Mark Strong as the villainous Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, delivers strong performances that add depth to the story.

Shazam! received positive reviews from both critics and audiences, who praised its humor, heartfelt storytelling, and the charismatic performances of its cast. The film’s success further expands the diverse range of tones within the DC Extended Universe, showcasing the versatility of the superhero genre.

With its blend of humor, heart, and superhero spectacle, Shazam! offers an enjoyable and entertaining experience for audiences of all ages. It reminds us that sometimes, the true power lies not just in the abilities we possess, but in the connections we forge and the people we choose to stand by our side.

Birds of Prey (2020)

Birds of Prey, directed by Cathy Yan, brings together a dynamic group of female heroes in an action-packed adventure set in Gotham City. This film centers around Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, as she finds herself forging new alliances and facing off against a notorious crime lord.

Following the events of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn finds herself dealing with the aftermath of her breakup with the Joker. Determined to find her own path, she joins forces with a group of formidable women – Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), The Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) – as they cross paths to protect Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco), a young girl targeted by a vicious crime lord, Roman Sionis, also known as Black Mask (Ewan McGregor).

Birds of Prey offers a fresh and vibrant take on the superhero genre, with a focus on female empowerment and sisterhood. The film highlights the unique strengths and capabilities of each character and explores their personal journeys of growth and self-discovery.

The action sequences in Birds of Prey are high-energy and visually stunning, showcasing the distinct fighting styles and abilities of each member of the team. Harley Quinn’s acrobatic prowess and unpredictable nature, combined with the skills of Black Canary and The Huntress, create a formidable force against their adversaries.

Margot Robbie delivers a standout performance as Harley Quinn, fully embodying the character’s zany personality and unpredictable nature. The supporting cast adds depth to the story, with Ewan McGregor’s portrayal of the flamboyant and sadistic Black Mask standing out as a memorable villain.

With its fast-paced storytelling and a colorful and anarchic aesthetic, Birds of Prey is a celebration of female heroism and individuality. It takes risks and explores the complexities of its characters, offering a fresh perspective on the DC universe.

Critics and audiences praised Birds of Prey for its unique style, strong performances, and its empowering message. While it may have deviated from traditional superhero storytelling, it broke new ground by placing women front and center, proving that female-led films in the genre can be both entertaining and successful.

Birds of Prey embraces the power and potential of its diverse female characters, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating future adventures for these fierce and formidable heroes.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Wonder Woman 1984, directed by Patty Jenkins, takes Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, on an exciting and nostalgic adventure set in the vibrant 1980s. This highly-anticipated sequel continues to showcase the strength, compassion, and heroism of the titular character, played by Gal Gadot.

Set decades after the events of the first film, Wonder Woman 1984 finds Diana living a secluded life while working at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. She stumbles upon a mysterious artifact, the Dreamstone, which grants wishes and brings unforeseen consequences.

As the story unfolds, Diana’s personal journey intertwines with that of Barbara Minerva, played by Kristen Wiig, a shy and insecure archaeologist who eventually becomes the villainous Cheetah. Pedro Pascal also joins the cast as Maxwell Lord, a charismatic and power-hungry businessman.

Wonder Woman 1984 captures the essence of the 1980s, with its vibrant colors, extravagant fashion, and nostalgic pop culture references. The film harnesses the era’s excesses and contrasts them with Diana’s unwavering integrity and belief in the power of truth and love.

The action sequences in Wonder Woman 1984 are spectacular, showcasing Diana’s formidable abilities and her use of the Lasso of Truth and her iconic Bracelets of Submission. The film also explores the emotional struggles of the characters, delving into themes such as the consequences of desire and the importance of selflessness.

Gal Gadot once again excels in her portrayal of Wonder Woman, capturing both her strength and vulnerability. Kristen Wiig delivers a compelling performance as Barbara Minerva, transforming from an awkward and kind-hearted character to a formidable foe.

While the film faced mixed reviews from critics, Wonder Woman 1984 offers an entertaining and heartfelt story that celebrates the enduring spirit of its iconic superheroine. It continues to inspire with its uplifting message of hope, love, and the importance of doing what is right.

Wonder Woman 1984 serves as a reminder that true heroism comes from within, and that even in the face of adversity, one can always find strength and compassion. The film expands the mythology and legacy of Wonder Woman, leaving fans eager to see what adventures lie ahead for this beloved DC superhero.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, also known as the Snyder Cut, is a highly anticipated and visionary director’s cut of the 2017 film Justice League. This four-hour epic, released on HBO Max, brings forth Zack Snyder’s original vision for the superhero team-up and offers a more comprehensive and immersive experience for fans.

In this version, audiences are treated to a deeper exploration of each member of the Justice League, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. The film delves into their backstories, motivations, and inner struggles, providing a more nuanced understanding of their characters.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League features enhanced visual effects, expanded storylines, and a darker tone that aligns more closely with Snyder’s previous entries in the DC Extended Universe. The film delves deeper into the mythology and introduces new concepts that were absent from the theatrical release.

The Snyder Cut allows the narrative to breathe, with additional scenes and character arcs that were excluded from the original version. It introduces the villain Darkseid, offering a glimpse into the larger universe and the potential for future storylines.

The performances of the cast, including Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, are more fully realized in this extended version. The chemistry and camaraderie among the heroes are further developed, making their team-up and fight against Steppenwolf more consequential and emotionally engaging.

With its expanded runtime, the Snyder Cut provides a more cohesive and immersive storytelling experience. The film explores themes of unity, sacrifice, and redemption, as the Justice League comes together to save the world from impending doom.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League received positive reviews from critics and became a testament to the power of fan passion and the ability of filmmakers to bring their vision to life. The release of this director’s cut showcases the importance of creative freedom and the impact that fan support can have on the industry.

Overall, Zack Snyder’s Justice League offers fans and audiences an opportunity to see a superhero team-up film that is more aligned with Snyder’s original vision. It is a testament to the enduring appeal of these iconic characters and leaves viewers excited for the future developments in the DC Extended Universe.

The Suicide Squad (2021)

The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, rejuvenates the unconventional team of antiheroes in a bold and explosive manner. This standalone sequel/reimagining injects new life into the concept, delivering a thrilling and irreverent adventure that takes the Squad to new heights.

The film brings together a ragtag group of criminals and supervillains on a dangerous mission orchestrated by Amanda Waller, portrayed by Viola Davis. This time, the team includes returning members such as Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, and Captain Boomerang, played by Jai Courtney, as well as new additions like Bloodsport, played by Idris Elba, and Ratcatcher 2, played by Daniela Melchior.

The Suicide Squad embraces its R-rating, allowing for more visceral action, dark humor, and unabashedly twisted scenarios. James Gunn’s unique visual style and narrative sensibilities infuse the film with both anarchy and heart, creating a unique blend of spectacle and character-driven storytelling.

The ensemble cast brings their A-game to their respective roles, with standout performances from Margot Robbie, who once again shines as Harley Quinn, and Idris Elba, who brings a gruff and complex portrayal of Bloodsport. The chemistry among the cast members creates a delightful dynamic, witty banter, and unexpected alliances.

James Gunn’s storytelling approach gives each character depth and development, exploring their motivations and vulnerabilities. The film strikes a balance between outrageous action sequences and genuine emotional moments, allowing the audience to connect and empathize with these complex antiheroes.

The Suicide Squad showcases a colorful array of villains and challenges for the team to overcome, with a formidable antagonist in the form of Starro the Conqueror. The film also fearlessly subverts expectations, providing unexpected twists and turns throughout the narrative.

The action sequences are visually stunning and creatively executed, capturing the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the Squad’s missions. The film combines practical effects, impressive CGI, and James Gunn’s knack for visual storytelling to create thrilling set-pieces that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Suicide Squad has been praised by critics and audiences for its refreshing take on the superhero genre, embracing its irreverent and audacious nature. With its mix of dark humor, vibrant visuals, and compelling characters, the film stands out as a thrilling and wildly entertaining entry in the DC Extended Universe.

Ultimately, The Suicide Squad delivers a wild, unpredictable, and audacious ride that showcases the potential of embracing the absurdity and complexity of its characters. It proves that even the bad guys can become unlikely heroes, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting future installments in this edgy and unconventional franchise.