Les Misérables Performance Interrupted By “Just Stop Oil” Protesters, Five Arrested


Environmental activists from the group “Just Stop Oil” created chaos during a performance of the renowned musical Les Misérables in London’s West End. The protest, aimed at raising awareness about oil, gas, and coal projects, resulted in the halt of the production and the arrest of five activists.

Key Takeaway

A performance of Les Misérables in London’s West End was interrupted by members of the environmental activist group “Just Stop Oil,” who stormed the stage during the show. This protest highlights the group’s mission to stop governments from licensing new oil, gas, and coal projects. The incident resulted in the arrest of five activists and the evacuation of the theater.

Protesters Storm the Stage

During a Tuesday performance, video footage captured the moment when members of “Just Stop Oil” rushed onto the stage, interrupting the show. The demonstrators passionately called on the audience to “join the rebellion” while the cast of Les Misérables performed the iconic song, “One Day More.”

Police Intervention and Arrests

The theater quickly called the police for assistance, leading to the arrest of five activists involved in the protest. As the cast was escorted off the stage, the theater was evacuated, and the production could not continue.

Outrage from the Audience

Members of the audience expressed their frustration and disappointment at the interruption. The protesters held up orange banners displaying the “Just Stop Oil” logo, causing further discontent. Some spectators shouted at the activists, urging them to leave the premises.

A History of Protests

The group “Just Stop Oil” has a track record of demonstrating against various large-scale events and institutions. Their objective is to demand governments to cease licensing new oil, gas, and coal projects. Previously, they have disrupted events such as Wimbledon and even vandalized the iconic Vincent Van Gogh artwork.

Refunds for Disrupted Performance

Ticket prices for Les Misérables can range from $49 to $183, making the protest particularly frustrating for paying customers. However, the audience members affected by the interruption will receive refunds.