Communist Protest In Chicago During Jason Aldean Concert


A group of communists in Chicago recently made headlines for their disruptive actions during a concert by country music star Jason Aldean. The incident, which took place on Saturday, saw more than 20 members of the Chicago-based Revolution Club—a self-proclaimed communist group—stage a protest outside the concert venue.

Key Takeaway

A group of communists staged a protest outside a concert by Jason Aldean in Chicago, burning flags and directing derogatory remarks towards the United States. The incident highlights the ongoing controversy surrounding Aldean’s song about small-town America.

The protesters marched, sang, and even went as far as burning flags, notably the American flag. Their actions were aimed not only at Jason Aldean but also at America itself, as one of their chants included derogatory remarks towards the United States.

Specifically targeting Jason Aldean, the protesters referred to him as a “fascist piece of shit” and boldly declared their intention to demonstrate in a big city, right in front of his concert. Their aim was to challenge him and his song “Try That In a Small Town,” which has stirred controversy for its portrayal of small-town America.

However, the protesters’ actions did not go unpunished. Chicago police officers quickly intervened, informing the group that their gathering was illegal and disturbing the peace. The protesters dispersed shortly after, with no further incidents or arrests reported.

It is clear that the controversy surrounding Jason Aldean’s popular song continues to resonate across the country, even weeks after its release. Despite the backlash, Aldean continues to attract large crowds in big cities as he performs on his ongoing tour, which is scheduled to run until late October.

As of now, Aldean is slated to make several stops on the west coast, and it remains to be seen how these performances will unfold given the ongoing attention and scrutiny surrounding his music.