Larsa Pippen Upset With Julia Lemigova Over Photos Taken By Marcus Jordan


Larsa Pippen has found herself in a heated confrontation with her fellow ‘Real Housewives’ cast member, Julia Lemigova. The source of the conflict? A few innocent photographs taken by Marcus Jordan during BravoCon, which Larsa believes were an attempt by Julia to seduce Marcus.

Key Takeaway

Larsa Pippen and Julia Lemigova are at odds after Julia asked Marcus Jordan to take pictures of her at BravoCon. Larsa expressed jealousy and implied that the photos were an attempt to seduce Marcus. This incident has led to a strained relationship between Larsa and Julia.

During last month’s BravoCon event in Las Vegas, Julia asked Marcus to take a few pictures of her using his phone. These were supposedly harmless, friendly shots. However, Larsa felt a wave of jealousy and began complaining to other members of the cast about the incident.

Larsa apparently insinuated that Julia’s request to have Marcus take her pictures was a covert seduction strategy, and she did not appreciate Julia involving her man in such a way, especially on his personal phone.

After BravoCon, Julia reached out to Larsa, asking if she could obtain the photos Marcus had taken. Larsa, however, decided to ignore Julia’s request, and the other ladies on the show filled Julia in on Larsa’s negative remarks. As a result, a frosty atmosphere now surrounds their relationship.

Julia is reportedly fed up with Larsa’s jealousy and is convinced that Larsa is engaging in a smear campaign against her.