Lakers Fan Suffers Injury And Loses $55,000 In In-Game Shooting Contest


An unfortunate incident occurred during Sunday’s Lakers game at Arena, leaving a fan injured and empty-handed in a $55,000 shooting contest. The fan, known as Anthony, was given the opportunity to win a significant amount of money if he could make a half-court shot.

Key Takeaway

A Lakers fan suffered a leg injury during a shooting contest at a game, missing out on a chance to win $55,000. Despite his initial confidence, the fan’s unfortunate injury led to a premature end to his participation in the contest.

A Confident Start

Entering the contest, Anthony appeared full of confidence, proclaiming, “This is what I do,” to the in-arena host. The crowd was eager to witness what seemed like a surefire victory for the brave fan.

An Unexpected Turn

However, as the moments unfolded, it became apparent that things would not go as planned for Anthony. As he released the ball towards the hoop, an unfortunate twist of events occurred – he injured his left leg. The pain was so intense that Anthony collapsed onto the floor, writhing in discomfort.

Despite the in-arena host’s attempt to encourage him to continue and make another attempt at the prize money, Anthony was in too much pain to carry on. Officials promptly assisted him off the court, acknowledging his valiant effort.

Uncertain Injury

The extent of Anthony’s injury remains unclear. The focus now is on his recovery, with hopes that it is not a severe setback. Fortunately, the Lakers managed to secure a victory against the Rockets later in the evening, providing a small consolation for Anthony.