Kathleen Robertson In ‘Scary Movie 2’: A Memorable Role From 2001


Remember the character Theo from the hilarious supernatural parody film “Scary Movie 2”? It’s hard to forget the portrayal by Canadian actress Kathleen Robertson. In 2001, at just 28 years old, she brought Theo to life – a busty, attractive woman who cleverly uses her looks to navigate the challenges of the haunted mansion known as Hell House.

Key Takeaway

Kathleen Robertson’s portrayal of Theo in “Scary Movie 2” left a lasting impression on audiences. The film showcased her talent for comedy and her ability to bring unique characters to life.

Kathleen shared the screen with other talented actors, including the beloved Anna Faris, who played the prudish and caring college student Cindy. Regina Hall portrayed Cindy’s best friend Brenda, who acted carefree and unbothered by anything, while Marlon Wayans brought the character Shorty to life as the stoner of the group. Additionally, Shawn Wayans portrayed Ray, who happens to be Brenda’s boyfriend but also shows interest in other guys.

Before her memorable role in “Scary Movie 2,” Kathleen made her mark as Clare Arnold, a series regular, on the hit show “Beverly Hills, 90210” from 1994 to 1997.