Justin Verlander’s Epic Victory Speech After ALDS Win


Justin Verlander, star pitcher for the Houston Astros, delivered a speech for the ages after the team’s triumphant American League Division Series (ALDS) win on Wednesday night. In an uncensored and electrifying moment in the team’s locker room, Verlander celebrated the 3-2 Game 4 victory over the Minnesota Twins by delivering an F-bomb-laced victory speech that got his teammates riled up and ready for the next challenge.

Key Takeaway

Justin Verlander’s passionate victory speech, filled with F-bombs and an infectious enthusiasm, ignited the celebration in the Astros’ locker room after their ALDS win. The team now gears up for the ALCS, eager to continue their winning streak and claim the championship crown once again.

Verlander Takes the Stage

Following the game, manager Dusty Baker opted not to address the team in depth, saving his inspiring speech for the World Series. This opened up the opportunity for Verlander to step in and rally his teammates with his fiery and passionate words. And boy, did he deliver.

The F-Bombs and Celebration

In an adrenaline-fueled frenzy, Verlander liberally dropped the F-word six times, adding an S-word for good measure. The speech reached its climax when Verlander urged his teammates to “pop these motherf***ers,” referring to the bottles of champagne, on the count of seven. With a well-timed pause after shouting “six,” the locker room exploded into a frenzy of celebration.

Bottles of champagne were uncorked, spraying bubbly in every direction. The locker room transformed into a jubilant party scene as the team reveled in their hard-fought victory. The celebration continued for several minutes, a testament to the joy and camaraderie shared among the players.

The Road Ahead

While the Astros basked in the glory of their ALDS win, their focus quickly turned to the upcoming American League Championship Series (ALCS) against the Texas Rangers. With seven consecutive trips to the ALCS under their belt, the Astros are determined to carry their momentum forward and secure the title once again.