Josh Cribbs And Devin Hester: Deserving Hall Of Famers


Cleveland Browns legend Josh Cribbs has recently voiced his opinion on the Hall of Fame selection committee, arguing that return men like himself and Devin Hester deserve a spot in Canton. Cribbs and Hester were electrifying players during their careers, constantly threatening to score on kick and punt returns.

Key Takeaway

Cleveland Browns greats Josh Cribbs and Devin Hester believe they have earned a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as exceptional return specialists. They argue that their versatility, unmatched skills, and game-changing impact on returns warrant their induction.

Disrespected Legends

Despite earning numerous accolades such as All-Pro and Pro Bowl selections, as well as spots on the All-Decade team, both Cribbs and Hester are still awaiting their induction into the Hall of Fame. Cribbs spoke up, expressing his belief that it is long overdue for them to receive the call.

Unparalleled Skills

Cribbs argues that his worthiness for the Hall of Fame is not limited to his prowess as a return specialist. He points out that he excelled as a cover guy as well, making him a unique asset on both sides of returns. He confidently claims that there is no one else who can match his versatility and effectiveness in both areas.

Meanwhile, Cribbs recognizes Hester as a player with a resume that speaks for itself. Hester’s impact on punt and kick returns is undeniable, evidenced by his impressive statistics and numerous touchdowns scored. Cribbs believes that their extraordinary talents set them apart from their peers, making them worthy of a place in history.

Ignored Contributions

Cribbs criticizes the voters for consistently neglecting the importance of the return specialist position. He claims that being nominated for the Hall of Fame is not enough and urges the committee to recognize the significant impact that players like himself and Hester have had on the game. Cribbs highlights how their abilities forced coaches to strategically avoid kicking towards them, altering the outcome of games.

A Decade of Excellence

With over a decade of outstanding performances, Cribbs and Hester firmly believe that they deserve to be remembered for their contributions to the sport. Cribbs reminds everyone that both he and Hester were recognized as All-Decade return specialists, solidifying their place among the elite players of their time.