Johnny Hardwick’s Cause Of Death Still Unknown, Body Too Decomposed


In a puzzling turn of events, the cause of death of ‘King of the Hill’ star Johnny Hardwick remains undetermined. The medical examiner’s office has faced challenges in establishing the exact circumstances surrounding his passing due to the extensive decomposition of his body.

Key Takeaway:

The cause of death of ‘King of the Hill’ star Johnny Hardwick remains a mystery. The medical examiner’s office encountered difficulties in determining the exact circumstances due to the extensively decomposed state of his body. No signs of trauma were evident, but a toxicology test suggested the presence of cannabinoids. Despite this, Hardwick’s cause of death couldn’t be definitively determined.

Hardwick, known for his role as the voice of Dale Gribble in the animated series, was tragically found dead in his bathtub in August. Although the water was running, he was not submerged as the drain was open. The autopsy report revealed no apparent signs of trauma, but a toxicology test indicated a presumptive positive test for cannabinoids. Drugs were also discovered at the scene, although the specific substance remains unclear.

Unfortunately, due to the significant decomposition of Hardwick’s body at the time of discovery, the cause of his death could not be ascertained. Adding to the tragedy, records indicate that the talented voice actor weighed a mere 100 pounds, standing at 5’7″ tall.

Hardwick’s untimely demise came to light when Texas officers were called to his residence for a welfare check. Pronounced dead at the scene, there were no initial suspicions of foul play. The animated show, ‘King of the Hill,’ owes much of its success to Hardwick’s contribution as he voiced the character Dale Gribble for an impressive 258 episodes throughout its long run. Although he had been reportedly set to reprise his role in a revival of the series, it remains uncertain whether he had recorded any material before his passing.

The news of Hardwick’s death deeply saddened fans, who mourned the loss of the talented actor. Mike Judge, co-creator of the series and voice of the lead character Hank Hill, expressed his own grief, stating that he was profoundly saddened by Hardwick’s passing.

At the age of 64, Johnny Hardwick’s passing marks a somber moment for the ‘King of the Hill’ community. As questions loom regarding the precise events leading to his death, fans and colleagues remember him for his incredible talent and contributions to the beloved animated series.