John Stamos’ Ex-Girlfriend Teri Copley Sets The Record Straight


John Stamos, the well-known actor, recently made headlines with allegations that his ex-girlfriend, Teri Copley, cheated on him with fellow actor Tony Danza back in the ’80s. However, Teri has come forward to deny these claims and provide her side of the story.

Key Takeaway

Teri Copley, the ex-girlfriend of John Stamos, has denied cheating on him with Tony Danza. She asserts that they had already broken up before the alleged affair took place. John Stamos’ upcoming memoir has shed light on these events, but it is essential to consider Teri’s side of the story.

The Truth Behind the Allegations

Teri Copley, a model and actress, has firmly stated that she did not cheat on John Stamos. In fact, according to her, their relationship had already come to an end when John walked in on her and Tony Danza in a compromising situation.

While Teri confirms that John discovered her in bed with a passed-out Tony, she emphasizes that they were already broken up at the time. She explains that she was taken aback by John’s presence since they had already gone their separate ways. Teri recalls John’s disapproving look as he silently left the room.

John Stamos’ Revelation

These allegations came to light when John Stamos shared details of the alleged affair in his upcoming memoir, “If You Would Have Told Me.” In the book, John recounts the moment he stumbled upon Teri and Tony together, uncovering an autographed poster of Teri, half-naked, with a note expressing her affection for Tony.

Although John admits being deeply in love with Teri at the time, it appears that Teri did not reciprocate those feelings. While the details in John’s book paint a certain picture, Teri maintains their relationship had already reached its end.

Waiting for Tony Danza’s Response

As of now, Tony Danza has remained silent regarding John Stamos’ claims. It remains to be seen if Tony will contribute his side of the story or provide any further insights into the events that transpired.