Joe Haden Supports Baker Mayfield’s $25-30 Million Contract Demand


Former Cleveland Browns player Joe Haden has voiced his support for quarterback Baker Mayfield’s contract demands, stating that Mayfield deserves to be paid $25-30 million annually. Haden, a three-time Pro Bowler, emphasized the value of Mayfield’s playoff experience and his ability to lead a team to postseason success.

Key Takeaway

Former Cleveland Browns player Joe Haden supports Baker Mayfield’s request for a $25-30 million annual contract, emphasizing Mayfield’s playoff experience and leadership as key factors justifying the demand.

Backing Mayfield’s Worth

Joe Haden, who shares a history with Mayfield from their time with the Cleveland Browns, expressed his belief that Mayfield’s on-field performance justifies a lucrative contract. Haden highlighted Mayfield’s capability to guide a team to the playoffs, citing it as a significant factor in justifying the quarterback’s financial demands.

Mayfield’s Journey and Challenges

Despite facing challenges and undergoing team transitions, including his recent move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mayfield’s resilience and ability to lead teams to playoff appearances have solidified his position as a valuable asset in the eyes of Haden. The quarterback’s journey, marked by overcoming obstacles and showcasing his leadership, has contributed to the endorsement of his contract aspirations.

Anticipating Mayfield’s Future

With Mayfield’s demand for a substantial contract gaining support from former colleagues and NFL insiders, the quarterback’s future in the league appears promising. Whether he secures a lucrative deal with the Buccaneers or explores opportunities elsewhere, the consensus on Mayfield’s value in the NFL underscores the significance of his upcoming contract negotiations.