Jets’ Sauce Gardner And Breece Hall Express Frustrations After Loss Without Aaron Rodgers


The New York Jets faced a challenging game against the Dallas Cowboys, marking their first full game without the presence of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. As anticipated, the Jets encountered difficulties, and two key players, Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall, took to social media to voice their frustrations after the team’s 30-10 defeat.

Key Takeaway

The New York Jets are facing challenges following their loss to the Dallas Cowboys, marking their first full game without quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Players Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall expressed their frustrations on social media regarding their own performances and the team’s overall performance.

Sauce Gardner Defends His Performance

Shortly after the game, Sauce Gardner stumbled upon a tweet from a Cowboys fan account that criticized his performance defending CeeDee Lamb. Reacting to the tweet, Gardner responded, “Damnn y’all really love saying my name on this app lol. He didn’t catch a ball on me today. Source: Me.”

Gardner went a step further and posted his defensive statistics on Instagram while aboard the team plane, aiming to disprove any notion that he has regressed during his second professional season. However, it appears that he subsequently deactivated his social media account.

Breece Hall’s Limited Involvement

Breece Hall, who is still recovering from last season’s ACL injury, expressed discontent over his lack of carries in the game. In a social media post, he used four football emojis to symbolize the four rushing attempts he received during the outing. This stands in stark contrast to his impressive performance in Week 1, where he recorded over 120 rushing yards.

Jets Facing Challenges Without Rodgers

The Jets entered this season with high expectations and were considered Super Bowl contenders. However, their aspirations were dealt a significant blow when Rodgers suffered an Achilles injury just four plays into the season. While some anticipated a period of adjustment, it is evident that not all players are content with the team’s performance in the absence of their star quarterback.