Patrick Mahomes Clarifies Comment About Aaron Rodgers After Injury Scare


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, found himself in a bit of a punctuation predicament after expressing his concern for Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, following his injury during a game. Mahomes took to social media to clarify that his comment of “Hate that man… Praying for the best” was actually a result of forgetting to add a comma.

Key Takeaway

Patrick Mahomes clarifies that his comment expressing concern for Aaron Rodgers was a punctuation error and not reflective of any negative sentiments towards the injured player.

An Ankle Ailment on the Field

During the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game, Rodgers suffered what appeared to be an ankle injury. Mahomes, who was watching the game, quickly reacted to the incident on his social media account. However, his initial comment caused quite a stir as it seemed to imply a deep disdain for the Packers’ star player.

Realizing his mistake, Mahomes promptly edited his comment to clarify his intentions. The revised statement read, “Hate that, man… Praying for the best.” With the addition of the comma, Mahomes effectively conveyed his concern for Rodgers’ well-being.

A Gracious Response and a Joke

Mahomes took the punctuation mishap in stride and shared a lighthearted response. He jokingly acknowledged the need for an edit button on the social media platform, stating, “Knew I was going to need that edit button on here one of these days.” His good-natured reaction defused any potential controversy surrounding his initial comment.

Fears for the Jets and Rodgers’ Recovery

While the focus initially surrounded the clarification of Mahomes’ comment, the reality of Rodgers’ injury hit hard for New York Jets fans. Staff members of the Jets reportedly expressed deep concern over the potential loss of Rodgers for a significant period of time. A lengthy absence by the quarterback could seriously impact the team’s chances of contending for a Super Bowl title.

Though the severity of the injury has not been officially announced, Jets fans are undoubtedly on edge regarding Rodgers’ recovery. However, the team did manage to secure an exciting overtime victory against the Bills, providing a silver lining amidst the uncertainty surrounding their quarterback’s status.