Jennifer Lopez Receives Tearful Apology From Ayo Edebiri For Insulting Her Singing


Jennifer Lopez recently revealed that Ayo Edebiri, a cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” tearfully apologized to her for making derogatory comments about her singing abilities on a past podcast. The apology came as a surprise, especially since the two were scheduled to appear together on ‘SNL’.

Key Takeaway

Jennifer Lopez received a heartfelt apology from Ayo Edebiri for the disparaging remarks made about her singing, leading to a resolution and mutual understanding between the two individuals.

Apology and Regret

According to Lopez, Edebiri expressed deep remorse and apologized with tears in her eyes, acknowledging that her past comments were hurtful. Edebiri specifically expressed regret for referring to Lopez’s career as a scam and criticizing her vocal talents.

It’s worth noting that Edebiri had made these disparaging remarks on a podcast back in 2020, long before her rise to fame on television. The comments resurfaced just as she was set to host ‘SNL’, coinciding with Lopez’s appearance as the musical guest.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Interestingly, Lopez mentioned that Edebiri offered her apology after witnessing Lopez’s live soundcheck, adding an ironic twist to the situation. Edebiri reportedly told Lopez, “I’m so f***ing sorry, it was so awful of me.”

Public Apology

Following the private apology, Edebiri used a skit on ‘SNL’ to issue a public mea culpa, without directly naming Lopez. She emphasized the importance of being considerate and thoughtful in one’s online comments, acknowledging the impact of hurtful words.

Resolution and Moving Forward

While Lopez appreciated the apology, she indicated that she was not deeply affected by the negative comments, having encountered similar criticism throughout her career. Ultimately, the situation seems to have concluded on a positive note, with both parties expressing a sense of closure.