Ben Affleck Engages In Spirited Conversation With Jennifer Lopez At Movie Premiere


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made a glamorous appearance at the Dolby Theater for the premiere of J Lo’s ‘This Is Me … Now’ flick/music video. The evening started off with the couple posing for pictures and appearing cheerful. However, things took a turn when Ben seemed to engage in an intense conversation with Jennifer.

Key Takeaway

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attended the premiere of ‘This Is Me … Now’ where Ben appeared to have a spirited conversation with Jennifer. The movie received positive feedback, and Jennifer’s emotional speech added to the evening’s significance.

What Happened at the Premiere?

Inside the crowded auditorium, Ben and Jennifer were seen having a private conversation in the lobby. Ben appeared to be quite animated during the discussion, while Jennifer seemed relaxed. The nature of their conversation is unclear, but Ben’s passionate demeanor was evident. Eventually, Jennifer turned away to speak with others, while Ben continued his discussion with a gentleman.

The Movie Experience

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and Jennifer Lopez received praise for her portrayal of her life story on the silver screen. She even took the stage to deliver a moving speech, expressing her emotions about producing the biopic. “This Is Me … Now: A Love Story” is set to be released on Amazon Prime this Friday, along with her new album of the same name.