Jennifer Lopez Playfully Responds To Admirers Of Ben Affleck With A Spicy Comeback


Power couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted leaving dinner at The Ivy in Los Angeles when a group of women in another car drove by and started cat-calling at Affleck. Lopez, known for her feisty personality, didn’t hold back and quickly responded to the admirers with a playful yet feisty remark.

Key Takeaway

Jennifer Lopez playfully responds to admirers of Ben Affleck with a spicy comeback during a night out in Los Angeles. The incident highlights Lopez’s assertiveness and her strong sense of ownership over her husband, sending a clear message to anyone who may still harbor feelings for Affleck.

A spicy moment caught on camera

The incident was captured on video, showing the exchange between Lopez and the group of women. As Affleck was opening the car door for his wife, the women in the passing car couldn’t resist hollering at him. That’s when Lopez, true to her “Jenny from the Block” persona, jokingly shouted at them, “back up, bitch!”

Although it is unclear whether the women actually heard Lopez’s clap-back, it is evident that Affleck himself heard his wife’s playful remark. The video showcases Lopez’s assertiveness and her strong sense of ownership over her husband.

A firm message to admirers

This incident sends a clear message to anyone who may still have eyes for Affleck: Jennifer Lopez is not to be messed with. Her protective and possessive nature over her partner is made quite apparent, as she asserts her dominance in a lighthearted manner.

While the exchange could easily be dismissed as a moment of playful banter between the couple, it also sheds light on the challenges faced by high-profile relationships in the spotlight. Celebrities often deal with increased attention and unwanted advances from admirers, which can sometimes lead to public displays like this one.

It is important to remember that while celebrities may live glamorous lives, they are still human beings who experience the same emotions and challenges as everyone else. Moments like these serve as a reminder that even in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, couples like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck face everyday struggles in their relationships.

So, for all the single ladies out there, be warned. If you come at Ben Affleck around Jennifer Lopez, expect her to clap back!