Jason Oppenheim Says NFL Players Would Make Great Realtors, Recruits Aaron Rodgers


Real estate mogul and star of the hit TV show “Selling Sunset,” Jason Oppenheim, believes that NFL players would excel as realtors. In fact, he’s already eyeing one of the league’s biggest superstars, Aaron Rodgers, to join his team.

Key Takeaway

Real estate mogul Jason Oppenheim believes that NFL players possess the necessary qualities to excel as realtors, including extensive contact lists and the drive to succeed. He has set his sights on none other than Aaron Rodgers as a potential addition to his team. Oppenheim also expressed his interest in representing more football players in their search for dream homes.

Why NFL players?

According to Oppenheim, NFL players have the qualities necessary to succeed in the competitive world of real estate. Their extensive contact lists, built through their careers in professional football, could open doors to lucrative housing opportunities.

When asked why Rodgers specifically is his top choice, Oppenheim didn’t reveal the exact reason. However, he did emphasize that success in real estate requires intelligence and drive, two traits that the Jets quarterback undeniably possesses.

Expanding the Oppenheim Group

Not content with just recruiting Rodgers, Oppenheim expressed his desire to represent more football players in their quest for dream homes. While he didn’t mention any names, he hinted that some of his favorite team, the Commanders, may become his clients in the future.

With Rodgers currently taking some time off to recover from an Achilles injury, Oppenheim suggests that he could use this opportunity to study for a real estate license. Who knows, maybe in the near future, we’ll see the NFL star making deals in the housing market alongside Oppenheim.