Jackson Mahomes’ Alleged Victim Not Cooperating, Resulting In Move To Drop 3 Charges


Prosecutors are making moves to dismiss the felony charges against Jackson Mahomes following claims that the alleged victim is no longer cooperating. The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office in Kansas has filed a motion to drop the three aggravated sexual battery counts against Jackson, with a judge expected to rule on the filing at a hearing later on Wednesday.

Key Takeaway

Prosecutors are seeking to drop the felony charges against Jackson Mahomes after the alleged victim expressed her desire to no longer press charges, despite the existence of surveillance footage capturing the incident.

Alleged Victim’s Change of Heart

In court documents, prosecutors stated that the restaurant owner who initially accused Jackson of forcibly kissing her inside her Overland Park establishment in February 2023 has informed them that she no longer wishes to press charges. She expressed her desire for “the matter to be dismissed as to anything involving” her.

Despite the existence of surveillance footage capturing the alleged incident, the woman has made it clear that she does not want to proceed with the case. She reportedly indicated to prosecutors that she would claim “that she had not been truthful to the police and that the encounter with [Jackson] was consensual.”

Legal Implications

If the three felony counts are dismissed, Jackson will be left facing a single misdemeanor battery charge. This charge stems from allegations that he shoved a waiter at the restaurant on the same night as the encounter with the woman.

Jackson’s attorney, Brandon Davies, reiterated their confidence in Jackson’s innocence, stating, “Jackson has done nothing wrong. We had full confidence that the truth of the matter would ultimately be revealed. The defense will reserve further comment until the remaining count is disposed of.”

Jackson initially pleaded not guilty to the charges when they were first filed last year. He is expected to attend Wednesday’s hearing in person.