Iman Shumpert Denies Making Teyana Taylor Feel Endangered In Divorce Docs


In the latest twist of the ongoing divorce proceedings between basketball player Iman Shumpert and singer Teyana Taylor, Shumpert is firmly denying allegations that he ever made Taylor feel endangered during their relationship. The couple’s divorce has become increasingly contentious, with Shumpert now seeking to have Taylor’s claims removed from the court documents.

Key Takeaway

Iman Shumpert is disputing Teyana Taylor’s claims of endangerment in their divorce proceedings and seeks to have them removed from the court documents. The couple’s custody battle and differing opinions on the grounds for divorce have heightened the tension surrounding their separation.

Teyana Taylor’s Allegations

In her recently filed divorce papers, Taylor cited “cruel treatment” as grounds for the dissolution of their marriage. This term refers to the willful infliction of physical or mental pain that reasonably justifies a fear of danger to life, limb, or health. However, Shumpert argues that Taylor has failed to provide evidence supporting her claims.

Shumpert’s Rebuttal

Iman Shumpert maintains that Taylor’s allegations of endangerment are baseless. He asserts that the only appropriate grounds for their divorce should be an “irretrievable broken bond.” Shumpert is requesting that the court dismiss Taylor’s claims of cruel treatment, as he believes they are unsubstantiated.

Furthermore, Shumpert denies any irresponsibility regarding the care of their two daughters, seven-year-old “Junie” Tayla, and three-year-old Rue Rose. This dispute over the well-being of their children has escalated into a contentious custody battle, with both parties vying for favorable outcomes.

The Publicity Battle

The divorce initially began discreetly, with Taylor filing the divorce papers using only the couple’s initials to maintain privacy. However, Shumpert later filed a motion to attach their full names to the documents, effectively making the divorce proceedings public knowledge. This move intensified the public scrutiny surrounding their separation.

Currently, Shumpert and Taylor are living separately, and their communication is limited to matters concerning their daughters. The divorce battle continues to unfold, with each party standing their ground on the issues at hand.