Hugh Jackman Warned By Security Guard For Breaching Barrier At Rockefeller Center


Hugh Jackman, the renowned actor, received a friendly warning from a security guard at Rockefeller Center in NYC for breaching a police barrier. The incident took place while Jackman was enjoying the festive atmosphere at the cultural landmark in Manhattan.

Key Takeaway

Hugh Jackman was given a friendly warning by a security guard at Rockefeller Center for breaching a police barrier while enjoying the Christmas festivities.

Christmas Spirit at Rockefeller Center

Amidst the holiday festivities, a video capturing Jackman strolling past the high-end stores outside the Rockefeller Center was shared on Instagram. The actor appeared jubilant as he filmed himself at the tourist attraction, with the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in the backdrop.

During the video, Jackman is seen throwing his arms up triumphantly, exuding joy and holiday cheer. However, the video ends shortly after this moment.

Security Guard’s Intervention

In the Instagram caption accompanying the video, Jackman recommended the experience of visiting the Rockefeller Christmas tree early on Christmas morning, highlighting its serene beauty and lack of crowds. He also candidly mentioned receiving a warning for going beyond the barrier, expressing gratitude for the security guard’s leniency.