Homer Simpson Will Continue To Choke Bart On ‘Simpsons’ Confirms James L. Brooks


In a surprising turn of events, it has been confirmed that the iconic cartoon discipline of Bart Simpson being choked by his father, Homer, will not come to an end. Despite Homer’s recent comments suggesting a change of heart, co-creator James L. Brooks has revealed that the beloved father-son dynamic will remain intact.

Key Takeaway:

Homer Simpson’s assertion that he would no longer strangle Bart Simpson has been proven false. Co-creator James L. Brooks has stated that the long-standing gag will continue, dispelling any rumors of its demise.

The Controversial Episode

A few weeks ago, an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ aired that led fans to believe that the era of Homer strangling Bart had come to an end. In the episode, a new neighbor praised Homer’s firm handshake, and he jokingly responded, “See Marge, strangling the boy has paid off!” However, he quickly added, “Just kidding. I don’t do that anymore.”

With fans left wondering whether the show had succumbed to the pressure of the P.C. Police, James L. Brooks set the record straight, assuring viewers that nothing will change in the Simpson household.

No Changes Planned

Dispelling any doubt, James L. Brooks shared an illustration of Homer with his hands firmly wrapped around Bart’s neck. The image depicted Bart clutching his smartphone displaying a news story that claimed, “Simpsons: No more strangling.” In response, Brooks stated emphatically, “Don’t think for a second we’re changing anything.”

Despite some fans speculating that the gag had been temporarily shelved, it is worth noting that the last on-screen strangling incident was featured in Season 31, which aired in 2019-2020.

Brooks emphasized that there would be no taming of the iconic comedic dynamic between Homer and Bart. He addressed the controversy by stating, “Nothing’s getting tamed. Nothing, nothing, nothing.” He reassured fans that Bart will continue to be “loved by his father in a specific way,” even if that means enduring his father’s trademark stranglehold.

The Legacy Lives On

As ‘The Simpsons’ continues to entertain audiences with its irreverent humor and long-established characters, it is clear that some elements of the show will remain untouched. The enduring nature of the Homer choking Bart gag serves as a reminder of the show’s ability to balance nostalgia with the evolution of societal sensibilities.

For fans of the iconic yellow-skinned family, this confirmation from James L. Brooks is a comforting assurance that the classic dynamic between Homer and Bart will endure for the foreseeable future.