Hollywood Stars In Greece: Vacationing In Style!


The summer of 2023 may be over, but before you dive into cinnamon and pumpkin, let’s travel with the stars to this summer’s hottest destination… Greece. Greece! From the mesmerizing landscapes to the beautiful sandy beaches, the celebrities had a blast in “Grease Greece Lightnin'” style!

Key Takeaway

Greece has become the go-to vacation spot for Hollywood stars, offering a combination of stunning scenery, sandy beaches, and a vibrant cultural experience. From Stephen and Ayesha Curry soaking up the sun to Rosalía embracing Greek history, and Dua Lipa’s carefree adventures on the Mediterranean, Greece has proven to be the ultimate summer destination.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry: Soaking up the Sun

Imagine spotting basketball superstar Stephen Curry, coolly applying sunscreen to his wife, Ayesha Curry, on a breathtaking Greek beach. The couple clearly knows how to enjoy a well-deserved vacation amidst paradise.

Rosalía: Embracing Greek Culture

Ever wondered how singer-songwriter Rosalía experiences the ancient wonders of Greece? Well, just picture her striking a pose in front of a majestic Greek temple, fully immersing herself in the rich history and culture of this extraordinary country.

Dua Lipa: Seafaring Goddess

When it comes to letting loose and enjoying the Mediterranean waves, nobody does it quite like pop sensation Dua Lipa. Sailing through the crystal-clear waters, she effortlessly embraces the carefree spirit of the Greek islands.

Take a moment to explore our gallery of celebrities who have had an incredible summer in glorious Greece.