Hit-Boy’s Bold Move: Auctioning Off Publishing Stake In Travis Scott, Beyoncé Collab


In a surprising move, renowned producer Hit-Boy has decided to auction off his publishing rights to the chart-topping collaboration between Travis Scott and Beyoncé. The track in question is “Delresto (Echoes),” featured on Travis Scott’s highly successful “Utopia” album. Hit-Boy has listed his 5% publishing stake on eBay, an unprecedented opportunity for music enthusiasts and investors.

Key Takeaway

Hit-Boy, the renowned producer, is auctioning off his 5% publishing stake in the collaboration between Travis Scott and Beyoncé. The track, “Delresto (Echoes),” featured on Travis Scott’s successful “Utopia” album, holds significant value. Hit-Boy’s decision reflects a growing trend of rappers selling their catalogs for immediate financial gain in the industry.

Potential Value of the Collaboration

Travis Scott’s “Utopia” album has dominated the rap scene, earning the top spot on the Billboard 200 album chart multiple times. Within just a month, the project received platinum certification. With such a remarkable reception, tracks like “Delresto” hold great value, especially on a renowned album like “Utopia.”

Hit-Boy, however, appears to be driven by immediate financial gain rather than holding onto potential long-term royalties. Despite the significance of the collaboration, he is determined to sell his publishing stake in order to secure a quick cash infusion.

In an effort to make the deal even more appealing, Hit-Boy is including the AKAI keyboard he used to create the beat for “Delresto.” This additional perk makes the sale an enticing proposition for aspiring music producers.

Rising Trend in Catalog Sales

Hit-Boy’s decision to sell his publishing stake is not an isolated incident. Many rappers have recently opted to sell their catalogs, with some even resorting to exaggerating offers to generate interest. Nelly, for example, made headlines earlier this year when he sold half of his catalog for a whopping $50 million.

Capitalizing on the current trend, Hit-Boy is seizing the opportunity to monetize his successful collaboration with Travis Scott and Beyoncé.


Hit-Boy’s auction of his publishing stake in the Travis Scott and Beyoncé collab represents a strategic move to maximize financial gain. As the rapper’s “Utopia” album continues to dominate charts and receive acclaim, the value of tracks like “Delresto” is set to increase. With the inclusion of the AKAI keyboard used in the production, this auction presents a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts and investors.