Hamas Terrorists Attack Israeli Village, Resulting In Multiple Casualties


A shocking act of terror unfolded in the peaceful Israeli village of Be’eri as heavily armed Hamas terrorists rode their motorcycles into the community and unleashed a deadly rampage. The appalling incident, captured on surveillance video, reveals the terrorists mercilessly shooting at a vehicle and taking the lives of everyone inside.

Key Takeaway

A devastating Hamas attack on the Be’eri kibbutz in Israel leaves over 100 Jewish civilians, including babies, dead. Israel retaliates with airstrikes, resulting in a staggering death toll on both sides. The international community mourns the loss of innocent lives while hoping for an end to this senseless violence.

Terror Strikes Innocent Civilians

The newly obtained footage, released by CNN, paints a horrifying picture of the terrorists brandishing machine guns as they infiltrate the Be’eri kibbutz with the intention to commit indiscriminate murder. More than 100 Jewish civilians, including innocent babies, fell victim to this vicious onslaught.

Reports indicate that the terrorists succeeded in breaching the barriers that separate the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip from Israel during a surprise attack on the Jewish state on Saturday morning.

Desperate Measures to Gain Access

The surveillance video reveals two Hamas militants attempting to crawl underneath a security gate in a desperate bid to access the kibbutz. When their efforts prove futile, they seek shelter in a nearby security booth, patiently waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Their chance arrives when a car, carrying several individuals, approaches the gate. The terrorists spring into action, opening fire and mercilessly gunning down the occupants of the vehicle.

Retaliation Amidst a Devastating Death Toll

In response to this heinous act, Israel has initiated a series of airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, declaring war on Hamas. The death toll continues to rise, with over 1,200 lives lost in Israel and 950 in Gaza, where Palestinians are living under Hamas leadership.

Tragically, President Joe Biden has confirmed that at least 14 Americans have been among the casualties of this conflict, while others remain in captivity, though the exact number remains unknown.