Guitarist Frankie Sullivan’s Home Burglarized, $300k In Watches Stolen


Guitarist Frankie Sullivan, one of the founding members of the band Survivor, recently fell victim to a burglary at his Los Angeles home. The thieves targeted his residence in the San Fernando Valley hills, making off with luxury watches valued at over $300,000.

Key Takeaway

Guitarist Frankie Sullivan, a founding member of Survivor, had his Los Angeles home burglarized, with thieves absconding with luxury watches valued at over $300,000. The incident is part of a series of break-ins affecting celebrities in the area, prompting law enforcement to advise heightened security measures for homeowners.

Burglary Details

According to law enforcement sources, the burglars forcibly entered Sullivan’s home by breaking through a window. Authorities suspect the involvement of a South American burglary crew known for targeting high-value homes, including those owned by celebrities. These individuals are believed to utilize fire roads in the mountains to gain access to luxury properties.

Law enforcement officials are advising homeowners to take precautionary measures such as installing trail cameras, ensuring adequate lighting around the property, and securing sliding glass doors and second-story windows. These steps are recommended to deter potential intruders, as it appears that the burglars have been exploiting these entry points in recent incidents.

Related Incidents

Notably, this burglary is part of a series of break-ins affecting prominent figures in the area. Actor Keanu Reeves also experienced a home invasion earlier this month, during which a firearm, specifically a Glock pistol, was stolen from his property. Additionally, the neighbor of renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who resides in the same vicinity as Reeves, encountered a similar ordeal on the same night, resulting in the loss of jewelry valued at over $100,000. Law enforcement suspects a connection between these incidents.