Gospel Singer Bobbi Storm Stirs Controversy By Singing On Flight


Gospel singer Bobbi Storm has found herself at the center of attention after her recent performance on a flight. Despite warnings from airline staff, Bobbi couldn’t resist sharing her musical talents with the passengers onboard.

Key Takeaway

The story of gospel singer Bobbi Storm’s impromptu performance on a flight highlights the importance of respecting guidelines set by airline staff and considering the comfort of fellow passengers. Despite her enthusiasm and talent, Bobbi’s actions faced criticism, emphasizing the need for mindful behavior when traveling.

A Flight Attendant’s Warning

Bobbi Storm, known for her powerful gospel vocals, posted a video of herself being scolded by a Delta Airlines flight attendant. The crew was not pleased with Bobbi’s request to sing a tune before takeoff, and they made it clear that it was not allowed.

Unfazed by the Obstacles

Undeterred, Bobbi Storm proudly informed the cabin that she had recently been nominated for a couple of Grammy awards. Some passengers even applauded her, although they were likely eager for the situation to be resolved so they could proceed with the flight. But Bobbi had more in store.

A Serenade at a Whisper

While seated, Bobbi Storm decided to share her song, “We Can’t Forget Him,” albeit at a quiet volume. As she sang, the comment section on her social media post filled with criticism, with many admonishing her for her behavior. One commenter wrote, “You were completely in the wrong,” while another stated, “You think because you’re Grammy-nominated that the rules don’t apply to you?”

A Lesson Learned

Despite Bobbi’s claims of previously performing on over 50 flights without incident, it seems that this time she misjudged the appropriateness of sharing her Grammy excitement on the wrong plane. The incident serves as a reminder that even talented individuals must respect the boundaries set by airline staff and fellow passengers.