Song Lyrics Search: Top 20 Sites For the Music Enthusiasts

song lyrics search

How do you find a song that you don’t know the name to? We’ve all been there. Chances are, when you casually listen to the radio, there will be a song playing that catches your attention. Unfortunately, you can’t sing along because you don’t know any of the words. Thankfully, there are numerous song lyrics search sites that can fix this problem. So, the next time you’re trying to find a song but only know a few words, head on over to these websites!


1. Genius

genius lyrics
Image from genius.com

What started as a hip-hop and rap annotation site is now the biggest music encyclopedia out there. Established in 2009, Genius not only offers all the words to millions of songs. Not only does it allow users to conduct a song search by lyrics, it also provides analyses of a song’s meaning and other interesting facts about a track. On top of that, the Genius team also provides all the latest and trending news in the industry.

Once you head over to the site, you’re welcomed with the latest music news, trending songs, and original Genius videos. The website offers a clean-looking and modern interface that lets users navigate the site efficiently. Simply enter your query on the search bar and you’ll get results categorized by songs, videos, and lyric matches.

However, the highlight of the site is, of course, its lyric pages. You can click on highlighted texts and read about meanings behind them. Sources for these annotations are usually the artists themselves such as Selena Gomez, Post Malone, and Kanye West. But dedicated fans can also contribute facts and insights about songs and artists.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use search features
  • Lyric annotations from artists
  • Plays snippets from songs


  • Need Apple Music to listen to full songs


2. Song Sear.ch

search song lyrics
Image from songsear.ch.

If you’re looking for viral TikTok songs you heard from dance challenges and only remember a few words, Song Search is the perfect place to start. Song Search offers the bare essentials that any song lyrics search engine should have. The homepage is a search bar that lets users search songs by lyrics. The site also comes with advanced lyrics search options that narrow down results. You can include the name of artists, language, and year of release to help you find the lyrics you’re looking for. The actual lyrics page displays the name of the song, artists, album, and lyrics. There’s also a plug-in that lets you play a preview of the song from Spotify and watch the music video from YouTube. You can browse songs with the same title and other songs from the same artist on the lyric page as well.


  • Extremely clean, easy to use interface
  • Advanced lyric search features
  • Provides lyrics to song mashups


  • Doesn’t offer much info about artists, albums or songs.


3. AZLyrics

song lyrics search by keywords
Image from azlyrics.com.

Another simple, albeit more popular, song lyrics search website is AZLyrics. Founded in 2000, the site is still up-to-date with all the latest and hottest songs, albums, and artists. Its extensive database hosts millions of songs and has a user-friendly interface. Its homepage features a search bar along with links to trending songs and newly released albums. You can look up a song by lyrics phrases or browse artists in alphabetical order. The lyric pages include the song lyrics, as well as a track list of all the other songs from the same album. Depending on the song, there’s even a “You May Also Like” portion towards the end of the page that lists similar songs by different artists.

Now, while it gets the job done being a lyrics finder, it lacks certain aspects. Since it’s a community-driven site, there are a few inconsistencies. Not all song pages include details about the song, such as writers, producers, as well as information about the artist. Nevertheless, the simplicity of AZLyrics makes it one of the top song finder platforms out there.


  • Discover trending music worldwide
  • Straightforward search system
  • Preview songs


  • New lyric submissions may contain errors


4. Lyrics.com

lyrics song finder
Image from lyrics.com.

Another community-driven song lyrics website, Lyrics.com has been around since 2001. Its vast collection of songs includes tracks starting from the 1930s all the way up to the current music scene. With that in mind, it’s also the best 90s song lyrics search engine available thanks to its extensive library.

You can search for songs by lyric phrases, artists, and albums. What’s more, you can filter results by year of release or decade. Its song lyric search by keywords feature lets you narrow down results by exact matches or if the phrase you entered is in the title of a song. Moreover, you can even filter if the title you’re looking for is by a male artist, female artist or a group. Since it is a site that’s run by a large music community, users can rate lyric accuracies, edit incorrect info, and even contribute translations of works. Furthermore, it’s also a site wherein people can discuss all their favorite songs and artists with other music lovers from around the globe.


  • Provides trivia about songs and artists
  • Advanced search features


  • Cluttered interface


5. MusixMatch

musixmatch song finder
Image from MusixMatch.

With over seven million songs on its database, MusixMatch is certainly one of the largest song lyrics search platforms out there. Thanks to its extensive song library, it’s the leading source of all the latest song lyrics and track info. It features a number of genres ranging from pop to indie, from children’s music to gospel songs, and even soundtracks from movies and television shows.

What’s more, MusixMatch also offers song lyric translations. It supports 80 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Korean and many more. Keep in mind though, the number of translations per song will vary since translations are mostly user-contributed. You can search song by lyrics in the search bar to retrieve relevant search results.


  • Offers song lyric translations in 80 languages
  • Seven million songs in its library 
  • Fast and accurate results


  • Littered with intrusive ads


6. LyricsMode

lyricsmode song finder
Image from lyricsmode.com

Despite having over 700,000 lyrics from over 30,000 artists, the LyricsMode database of song lyrics continues to grow. The site’s simple layout makes for browsing lyrics, artists, albums, and other information a breeze. The homepage greets you with popular lyrics in different languages and a feed of all the latest songs, their lyrics, and meaning behind them. You can also play snippets of a song and watch the music video on the site. Moreover, you can even post lyrics from the site to your own personal blog or website thanks to its Flash widget feature.

However, the interpretations of the lyrics are all user-submitted. Thus, they may contain errors or are not the most accurate. Nevertheless, it offers insightful annotations about a piece from a fan’s perspective.


  • Allows users to discover new music in different languages
  • Can browse what’s popular in different countries 


  • User-submitted lyrics can contain errors


7. SeekLyrics

seeklyrics song  finder 
Image from seeklyrics.com.

SeekLyrics offers a clean interface that shows you the top songs recently added onto the site, as well as the top trending artists. While it offers an impressive library of older hits, it may not be the song finder by lyrics site for you if you’re looking for newer songs. Moreover, it also lacks advanced lyrics search features, with the only option for looking up songs is by artists or by title. Nevertheless, you can browse the site’s ranking of top artists, albums, and songs. You also have the option to go through its database of songs and artists alphabetically if you just want to discover something new.


  • Clean and easy-to-navigate interface 
  • Impressive collection of older tracks


  • No advanced filtering system for search results


8. ELyricsWorld

elyricsworld song search finder
Image from elyricsworld.com.

Updated daily, there’s always something new on the ELyricsWorld website. And thanks to its calendar feature, you can keep up-to-date with all the latest music and artists’ news. On top of that, you can also find interesting trivia that happened on a specific day in music history.

It has a wide selection of song lyrics from different countries and languages. While there are a number of foreign-language songs that have English translations, this isn’t always the case. So, while you can sing along to all the words of BTS songs, you still might not know what they mean. Or if you’re fluent in a certain language, you can provide or correct lyric translations of songs as well.


  • Wide selection of foreign-language songs


  • Not all songs have English translations


9. MP3Lyrics

mp3 lyrics search engine 
Image by mp3lyrics.org.

When you first hop on the MP3Lyrics website, it looks a little cluttered at first glance. But the reason for this is that of its vast collection of song lyrics. This song lyrics search engine has hundreds of thousands of titles from thousands of artists. Moreover, it doesn’t just host lyrics from the biggest names in the industry, it holds a great selection from indie and up-and-coming artists, too.

The homepage welcomes you with the top 20 trending and latest songs, as well as the top 40 hottest artists that everyone is raving about. You can even see real-time searches of other people. Meanwhile, the actual lyric pages offer a clean appearance that provides basic information about a track. You also get a list of suggested songs with similar lyrics from different artists.

This search song by lyrics site also accepts requests and submissions from its users. You can also submit corrections if you think there are any errors to song lyrics posted.


  • Homepage displays trending and latest songs and artists
  • Good collection of indie tracks
  • Shows other people’s real-time searches 


  • Messy interface


10. Lyric Finder

Lyric Finder website
Image from lyricfinder.org.

Lyric Finder lets users conduct a song search by lyrics, titles, artists, and albums. You can also browse the top 25 trending songs of the week in several countries. Asides from its vast collection of song lyrics, it also provides users with frequent updates about music releases, new artists, and song trivia. If you want to discover new artists, you can always scroll through the site’s collection, which is sorted alphabetically. Once you pick an artist, you can browse through their albums and even play previews of their songs.


  • Provides frequent updates about the latest news and songs trivia
  • Lets users browse what songs are trending in different countries


  • No advanced search system


11. Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania song finder
Image from lyricsmania.com.

Jam-packed with lyrics, the Lyrics Mania website is one of the go-to song search engines if you’re looking for current hits and retro classics. The homepage of this song finder by lyrics site displays top artists and song lyrics of the month, as well as newly added ones. As for the actual song lyrics, they’re displayed on the screen neatly without any intrusive banner ads. The site doesn’t offer much info about artists or trivia about the song. But if you’re just looking for a song you don’t know the name to, it’s the perfect place to start since it offers organized and relevant search results.


  • Displays top trending lyrics and artists on its homepage


  • Doesn’t offer information about artists or songs


12. LetsSingIt

LetsSingIt song lyric search website
Image from letssingit.com.

Started in 2005, LetsSingIt (LSI) has been providing users from across the globe with lyrics to all their favorite tracks. With over one million song lyrics in its library, it’s one of the top resources for music lovers. What’s more, content on the site is updated daily.

Admittedly, the webpage may seem outdated for some, but it allows users to discover new music. This is thanks to a list of featured titles, top 10 artists, and songs that greet you.

For the song lyric search by keywords feature, you can sort results by song, album, or artist. The actual song lyrics page offers a number of information about a track, including its ranking on song charts in different countries and album details. You can also browse other songs by the same artists, as well as the latest and most popular tracks on LSI.

Asides from accurate lyrics, artists, and album info, this song lyrics search engine also has an active community. The LSI community forum encourages users to share and discuss their thoughts on all the latest music trends and gossip.


  • The song database is updated almost daily
  • An active community of music lovers


  • Outdated interface


13. LyricsFreak

lyricsfreak song finder
Image from lyricsfreak.com.

This song lyrics search website lets you find what you’re looking for by artists or song titles. It offers a collection of not just lyrics to mainstream tracks but also television show theme songs, commercial jingles, and even the best Christmas songs. Alternatively, you can also browse the site’s library of artists and their works. Moreover, LyricsFreak also lists popular lyrics in different countries, thus making discovering new music more accessible.

Besides the words to a song, the actual lyric page also gives users details. This includes artist information, the song’s writer, and other songs by the same artists. You can also play a snippet of the song on the LyricsFreak website.


  • User-based star ratings for lyrics 
  • Lists popular lyrics in different countries
  • Provides lyric translations


  • Search results are limited to artists and song titles only


14. WatZatSong

watzasong song and lyrics finder
Image from watzatsong.com.

We’ve listed the best of the best song and lyrics finders above with millions of songs on their databases. However, if you still can’t find the song you’re looking for, why not turn to other music lovers to find the answers? With only a faint couple of words or tunes, the WatZatSong community can help you find those love songs you heard at your friend’s wedding. Simply post an audio recording of you saying something along the lines of, “I’m looking for a song that goes like these lyrics” followed by you singing or humming to the tune. Afterwards, let the active community of 400,000 music lovers find the song for you.


  • Audio-based song finder
  • Community-based song finder


  • Isn’t the fastest way to find songs


15. LyricsDepot

Image from lyricsdepot.com.

Lyrics Depot doesn’t boast the same extensive library of song lyrics compared to other song lyrics search platforms on our list. Its collection of 300,000 song lyrics from over 12,000 artists is still an impressive feat, though. And while it doesn’t offer much when it comes to new music, it does, however, have an excellent selection of older songs. From classic oldies of the 50s and 60s to funky hits from the 80s, Lyrics Depot is the go-to website for people who want to sing along to classics. It’s also the top 90s song lyrics search engine with lyrics to songs from iconic singers from the era like Backstreet Boys, NSync, and Alanis Morissette. Admittedly, its song lyrics search feature isn’t as advanced as others on this list. It may even take you a few tries before finding the song you’re looking for.


  • Great selection of older songs


  • Smaller database compared to others



mojim song lyrics search site
Image from mojim.com.

Are you into BlackPink songs? Or maybe just international music in general? If that’s the case, Mojim is a site you should definitely check out. Many music aficionados especially love this lyrics finder because of its clean interface that’s easy to navigate. It has a vast library of English, Japanese, Korean, and Asian songs. Thus, this makes it easy for you to discover and expand your music library.

While the site’s song lyrics search by phrase feature does offer relevant results, there’s no advanced filtering system. As such, finding the correct song you’re looking for may take time. However, once you do, you get not just the words to a song but album info, artists’ details, and other songs from by the same artists. One thing that sets Mojim apart from other search song by lyrics sites on this list is that users can actually customize the readability of the lyrics. Users have the option to choose from four font sizes to make reading the song lyrics easier.


  • Wide selection of English and foreign songs
  • Lyrics can be set in different fonts for customized viewing


  • Search results can be clunky and littered if it’s your first time using the page.


17. AskLyrics

asklyrics song finder 
Image from asklyrics.com.

The homepage of AskLyrics welcomes you with the latest song lyrics added to the site’s database. You’ll also see a list of all the artists currently making a splash in the music industry. This song lyrics search engine offers a comprehensive library of titles from all different genres from different decades. It’s even one of the top 80s song lyrics search platforms out there. You can easily find the words to classic hits from singers like Prince, David Bowie, Madonna, and Queen. You can search song by lyrics, song titles, and artists.

Similar to other sites mentioned, AskLyrics is also a community-driven song and lyrics finder. As such, it relies on users to contribute lyrics and submit corrections if necessary. Users are also free to request song lyrics that are yet to be available on the site.


  • Clean interface
  • Ample selection of songs from all genres
  • Decent selection of current tracks and older songs


  • No advanced search filters
  • Results are limited to song body, artist, and title


18. SongLyrics

 song search by lyrics 
Image from songlyrics.com.

SongLyrics offers a sleek interface that’s easy to navigate. The homepage of this song lyrics finder greets you with trending albums, latest music news, and the top songs currently popular on the site. This song lyrics search engine lets you browse popular lyrics from different categories. From the current trending songs on the site, to Billboard Hot 100, and Top 100 Songs of All Time. You can explore popular tracks by decade, as well, starting from the 1950s.

This song finder by lyrics website also offers an interactive interface for its lyric pages. Users can click on the highlighted portion of a lyric and read user-contribute annotations. Keep in mind that these are mostly personal comments because the site encourages people to share what a song means to them. As such, they may not be the most accurate representation of the stories behind the art. In spite of that, it’s still a top-notch option if you want to search songs by lyrics. Moreover, it also offers music news, song and album reviews, and artists spotlights that feature up-and-coming singers.


  • Lets users browse popular lyrics from different decades
  • Allows user-contributed annotations for song lyrics
  • Provides song and album reviews
  • Highlights new and up-and-coming artists


  • Limited collection of current songs


19. LyricsPlanet

LyricsPlanet song lyrics finder
Image from lyricsplanet.com.

LyricsPlanet doesn’t offer much when it comes to the latest hits. It makes up for that though thanks to its excellent collection of older songs. You can use the site’s search feature to lookup songs by title, artists, or lyrics. If you want, you can even just browse its selection of artists and titles in alphabetical order. Moreover, you can always request the song you’re looking for if it isn’t on the site. On the other hand, you can also help expand the LyricsPlanet library by submitting lyrics yourself.


  • Users can request and submit lyrics
  • Users can submit lyric corrections


  • Limited library of tracks


20. AllTheLyrics

AllTheLyrics lyrics finder community
Image from allthelyrics.com.

AllTheLyrics is another community-driven song finder. It’s all up to music lovers alike to help one another discover tunes stuck in their heads. Users of the AllTheLyrics website can submit and request song lyrics in the community forum. Imagine a Reddit-like site but solely for music and lyrics. There are even sub-forums for those looking for non-English songs, music heard on television shows, and stores.

Are you a frequent visitor of Forever 21 or American Eagle? Chances are you’ll hear a song playing and it can get stuck in your head. If you want to figure out what song you heard, you can visit AllTheLyrics and browse the sub-forums to find it. Alternatively, you can also just ask for help from the community by posting on one of the forums.

With all these in mind, since it is such a community-based song lyrics search website, not everything will be accurate. It may even take some time for you to find the right song.


  • Community-based song finder
  • Active community of music lovers
  • Users can submit and request songs lyrics 


  • May not be always accurate 

Learn How To Find Song By Lyrics

How do you find a song you can’t remember? Having an unidentified song stuck in your head can be annoying. Hopefully, with the song lyrics search sites that we listed, finding a song that you only know a few words can be easier. What’s more, by learning the words to songs, you won’t just be able to sing along to them. You can also appreciate the meaning behind them. So, what are you waiting for? Put on a pair of the best noise cancelling headphones you have, turn up the music, and sing along to all your favorite tunes.