Gilbert Burns, Only Common Opponent Of Usman And Chimaev, Breaks Down UFC 294 Fight


Gilbert Burns, the only fighter who has faced both Kamaru Usman and Khamzat Chimaev in the Octagon, is now breaking down the highly anticipated UFC 294 co-main event. Ahead of the fight, Burns shared his insights on each fighter’s advantages.

Key Takeaway

Gilbert Burns, the only fighter to have faced both Kamaru Usman and Khamzat Chimaev, shares his insights on the UFC 294 co-main event. Burns highlights Chimaev’s advantage of a full training camp and Usman’s experience, emphasizing the close nature of the fight. While not explicitly picking a winner, Burns suggests placing bets on Usman due to his slight edge in the matchup.

Khamzat Chimaev’s Advantage

Burns believes that Chimaev benefits from having a full training camp, despite initially preparing for a different opponent, Paulo Costa. In contrast, Usman had very little time to prepare for the fight, with only a few days of training before heading to Abu Dhabi.

Kamaru Usman’s Advantage

According to Burns, Usman’s vast experience inside the Octagon should not be underestimated. Usman has faced various situations throughout his career, which cannot be said for Chimaev, as this will only be his seventh UFC fight, compared to Usman’s 18th fight in the promotion.

Notably, two of Usman’s fights were against Burns. Their encounter took place at UFC 258 in February 2021, with Usman winning by third-round TKO. Although the fight was highly competitive, Usman took control and ultimately defended his title.

Burns himself faced Chimaev over a year later at UFC 273 in April 2022. Chimaev won the fight by unanimous decision, although many believe that Burns should have been declared the winner. It was a close fight that tested Chimaev’s limits, but he ultimately showed resilience and determination.

Expert Analysis

Burns delves further into the upcoming fight, analyzing various aspects such as speed, punching power, strength, and ground game. He acknowledges that the fight is extremely close and advises considering the odds when making predictions.

Usman, who took the fight on just 10 days’ notice, is considered a substantial underdog, with most sportsbooks listing him at around +250 (wager $100 to win $250). In comparison, Chimaev carries lower odds, with bettors needing to risk approximately $300 to win $100 on him.

While Burns refrains from making a direct winner prediction, he suggests that betting on Usman is the smarter choice. He believes that Usman has a slight edge, giving him a 53% chance of winning due to his size advantage and the fact that Chimaev had a full training camp.