Former NFL Player Rashad Jennings Botches “Wheel Of Fortune” Puzzle, Fails To Solve “Quentin Tarantino” Name


Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings, known for his time playing with the New York Giants, had a moment to forget during a recent episode of the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune.” The athlete-turned-TV personality competed alongside former NFL stars Jared Allen and Marcellus Wiley, with the hopes of winning money for charity.

Key Takeaway

Former NFL player Rashad Jennings made a critical mistake on “Wheel of Fortune” by failing to correctly guess the missing letter in Quentin Tarantino’s name. The blunder cost him his turn and potentially impacted his chances of advancing in the game.

An Unfortunate Blunder

During the game, a puzzle under the category “Rhyme Time” presented the phrase “DRIVING TO RENO WITH _UENTIN TARANTINO,” clearly missing the letter “Q” in Quentin Tarantino’s name. However, when it was Jennings’ turn to guess the missing letter, he made a costly mistake. Instead of correctly guessing “Q,” he opted for “P,” resulting in the loss of his turn.

Fortunately, Marcellus Wiley, quick to capitalize on Jennings’ error, correctly solved the puzzle by filling in the missing “Q” and identifying the name of the acclaimed “Pulp Fiction” director to the delight of Tarantino fans everywhere.

The Consequences

It remains unknown whether Jennings’ blunder ultimately cost him the opportunity to advance to the final round of the game show. However, there is no denying that his misstep put him at a disadvantage.

Ironically, Jennings found some solace in the fact that Marcellus Wiley, too, struggled to solve a seemingly easy puzzle with the answer being “THAT WAS OBVIOUS.” The twist of fate left viewers amused as both competitors faced moments of embarrassment.