‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Sets The Record Straight On Bonus Round Drama


The woman who many people think got screwed out of prize money on “Wheel of Fortune” is clearing the air on what she really said … and it turns out, she didn’t deserve that dough.

Key Takeaway

Megan Carvale clarifies that she did not say the correct answer on “Wheel of Fortune” and admits to saying “something” instead of the speculated “pink,” putting an end to the bonus round drama.

Megan Carvale’s Clarification

Megan Carvale appeared on ‘GMA’ Thursday to clarify what she uttered on Tuesday night’s episode — where, during the bonus round, many felt she had said the right answer to the puzzle on the board … which ended being “Pink Orchid.”

As Meg was muttering her way through an attempt to figure out … a lot of folks thought they heard her actually say the correct phrase — but now, she’s debunking that completely.

Like she explains here to Michael Strahan and co. … she didn’t actually say “pink” like many people assumed or thought they heard. On the contrary, Megan here confesses to having actually said “something.” In the moment, folks weren’t quite sure which it was.

The anchors applaud her for her honesty, especially in the aftermath … during which she presumably could’ve made a fuss considering how misconstrued and misinterpreted it was.

She admits that her family certainly would’ve liked it if she finagled her way into snagging the $40,000 … but she’s a truth-teller, and happy to take the L since she didn’t deserve to win.

Mystery solved!