Former Bachelor Contestant Finds Love And Happiness


A journey from small-town Virginia to the glitz and glamour of reality TV – this is the story of one smiling sweetie who captured hearts on ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor In Paradise”. Let’s take a closer look at the trajectory of her rise to fame.

Key Takeaway

This reality TV starlet captured hearts with her infectious smile on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor In Paradise”. From a small-town girl in Virginia to finding love on national television, her journey serves as a reminder that true love knows no boundaries.

Early Days and Education

Before fame beckoned, this lovely lady enjoyed a simple life, spending time with her sister in Great Falls, Virginia. She pursued her higher education at James Madison University, carving a path for herself.

A Bachelor’s Journey Begins

In 2015, our brunette beauty burst onto the scene, making her debut on the hit show “The Bachelor” alongside Chris Soules, the bachelor of that season. Her infectious smile and undeniable charm quickly endeared her to viewers. She may not have found love on this journey, but it was just the beginning.

Love and Second Chances

Undeterred, our resilient sweetheart returned to the Bachelor franchise, gracing the screens of “Bachelor In Paradise” in both season 2 and 3. This time, the odds were in her favor. The twists and turns of these popular reality shows showcased her emotions, as she navigated the tricky path to finding lasting love.

A Ring in Mexico

Amidst the drama and rollercoaster of emotions, our leading lady found her happily ever after. In a picturesque setting in Mexico, she said “yes” to a sparkling ring, sealing the deal with her now-husband, Jared Haibon. This fairy tale ending proved that true love can indeed be found in the most unexpected places.