Floyd Mayweather Shows Support For Israeli Special Forces In Inspiring Video Chat


Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather continues to make headlines with his unwavering support for Israel. In a recent turn of events, Mayweather spent time on a video call with members of the Israeli Defense Force’s Yahalom Unit, a renowned special forces anti-terrorism unit. The call, which took place on Monday, was a heartfelt exchange between the renowned athlete and the soldiers who received supplies delivered by Mayweather’s private jet.

Key Takeaway

Floyd Mayweather’s continued support for Israel is evident through his efforts to deliver supplies and engage with the Israeli Defense Force’s Yahalom Unit. His inspiring video call with the soldiers exemplifies his desire for peace and his appreciation for those who fight for their country.

A Message of Peace and Gratitude

During the video call, Mayweather expressed his desire for peace in Israel and commended the soldiers for their commitment to their country. Dressed in their IDF uniforms, weapons slung, and faces concealed to ensure their anonymity, the soldiers were visibly moved by Mayweather’s words of appreciation and encouragement.

Amid the ongoing conflict in the region, Mayweather’s support for Israel has remained consistent. His “Air Mayweather” jet recently delivered over 5,000 lbs. of supplies, which have been distributed to those in need. The video call with the Yahalom Unit served as a testament to the impact of Mayweather’s contributions and his dedication to the cause.

Marching Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Pro-Israeli Supporters

Mayweather’s involvement in supporting Israel goes beyond virtual interactions. The boxing champion attended a pro-Israeli march in Century City, Los Angeles, where he united with thousands of supporters. Walking shoulder-to-shoulder with the crowd, Mayweather demonstrated his solidarity with the cause.

Mayweather’s Support Network

The video call between Mayweather and the Yahalom Unit was made possible by his close friend Jona Rechnitz and philanthropist Nachman Rosenberg. The successful coordination of the call showcased the power of individuals coming together to support a shared cause.