Floyd Mayweather Joins Pro-Israel Rally In L.A., Condemns Hamas


Floyd Mayweather, the legendary fighter, showed his unwavering support for Israel by participating in a pro-Israel march held in Los Angeles on Sunday. Thousands of supporters gathered to march shoulder-to-shoulder with Mayweather, who sent his private jet filled with supplies to Tel Aviv the same day.

Key Takeaway

Floyd Mayweather, the renowned boxer, took part in a pro-Israel march in Los Angeles and affirmed his unwavering support for Israel’s right to defend itself. Mayweather not only attended the event but also sent his private jet filled with supplies to Tel Aviv on the same day, further showcasing his commitment to the Israeli community.

Supporting Israel’s Right to Defend Itself

The “Solidarity March For Israel” began at the Orthodox Young Israel synagogue and concluded at the Museum of Tolerance in Century City. During the march, Mayweather expressed his unequivocal support for Israel, firmly stating, “I will continue to support Israel and its right to defend itself and its right to exist. I condemn the Hamas terrorists.”

Floyd Mayweather generously spent time with his fans during the march, taking photos, giving autographs, and engaging with supporters along the half-mile route. His presence and dedication were evident as he showed his solidarity with the Israeli community.

Floyd Mayweather’s Ongoing Support

Floyd Mayweather stands out as a prominent celebrity who has consistently shown his support for Israel and the Jewish community, particularly in light of the recent attacks. Not only has he spoken out on multiple occasions, but he also took additional action by dispatching his private plane filled with over 5,000 lbs. of essential goods to Israel on Sunday, further demonstrating his commitment to helping those affected by the conflict.

Joining Mayweather at the pro-Israel rally were former NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis and dancer Montana Tucker, among the thousands of people who participated in the march.