Florida Business Mogul Takes To The Skies To Find Stolen Rolls-Royce


A Florida business mogul has taken an extraordinary approach to recover his wife’s stolen Rolls-Royce. Bob Benyo, CEO of Aerial Banners, Inc., flew a massive banner over Miami with a message that read, “STOLEN PURPLE ROLLS-ROYCE REWARD,” along with his personal cell phone number. This bold and unconventional tactic has generated significant buzz and attention.

Key Takeaway

Business mogul Bob Benyo is going to great lengths to retrieve his wife’s stolen Rolls-Royce. By flying a plane with a massive banner that offers a reward, he aims to draw attention to the issue and potentially gather information. This unique and determined approach has captured significant public interest.

Going Above and Beyond

The incident occurred when Benyo’s wife, Olga, had her luxurious $250,000 Rolls-Royce snatched from their South Florida waterfront home’s garage on September 21. Surveillance footage from a neighbor’s security camera captured the thieves effortlessly making their way up the driveway and driving off with the Rolls.

Benyo expressed his frustration to Fox News Digital, stating, “It’s insured for more than it’s worth, but that’s not the point. The point is this is exactly why my insurance rates are so high, and I’m sick of it. I’m done.” Determined to take matters into his own hands, he came up with a unique plan.

A Clever Display of Determination

Benyo revealed his immediate thought, sharing, “I’m going to fly an airplane with a message offering a $5,000 reward.” By taking to the skies and showcasing his desire to retrieve the stolen vehicle, Benyo aims to bring attention to the issue and potentially gather valuable information from the public.

According to investigators, the suspects allegedly “cloned” the garage remote to gain unauthorized access to the premises and steal the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Interestingly, Benyo also suspects that they attempted to steal his Aston Martin, as his $1,500 vehicle key has mysteriously gone missing.

Continuing the Search

At present, the perpetrators responsible for the theft are still at large. However, with this highly visible and attention-grabbing initiative, Benyo hopes to expedite the recovery process and send a message that such criminal activities won’t go unnoticed or unpunished.