Fear The Walking Dead Star Sam Underwood Arrested For Domestic Battery


Actor Sam Underwood, well-known for his role in the hit television series “Fear the Walking Dead,” found himself in trouble with the law after an alleged incident of domestic violence. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) took Underwood into custody after he was accused of roughing up a woman during a heated argument.

Key Takeaway

Fear the Walking Dead star Sam Underwood was arrested for felony domestic battery after allegedly roughing up a woman during a heated argument. Visible marks were found on the woman’s body. The case will be evaluated by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, while Underwood plans to provide evidence to support his defense.

The Incident

On October 7, around 2:30 AM, the LAPD received a 911 call reporting a disturbance at an apartment in the Los Angeles area. Upon arrival, the authorities were informed that Underwood and a woman had engaged in a heated argument that turned physical.

Law enforcement officials noted visible marks on the woman’s body, leading them to arrest Underwood for felony domestic battery. After being booked, the actor spent nearly 10 hours in custody before being released.

Legal Proceedings

The nature of the relationship between Underwood and the alleged victim remains unclear. However, the case will be handed over to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for further evaluation and potential criminal charges.

Although the woman had visible marks, she did not require medical attention, according to the police. Nevertheless, Underwood plans to defend himself against the accusations. He has provided his attorney with photographs, video recordings, and audio recordings that he believes will disprove the claims made against him. In the following week, his attorney intends to submit this evidence to the police.