Eric Decker Celebrates Jessie James’ Cookbook Release With A Cheeky Twist


Former NFL star Eric Decker made headlines recently when he stripped down and cooked dinner in the buff to celebrate his wife, Jessie James Decker’s new cookbook release. The 36-year-old ex-wide receiver showed off his playful side and his cooking skills as he posed nude with an apron, capturing a cheeky moment that his wife shared with fans on Instagram.

Key Takeaway

Former NFL star Eric Decker poses nude to celebrate his wife Jessie James Decker’s cookbook release, showing support and adding a playful touch to the occasion.

Just a week after the release of Jessie James Decker’s cookbook “Just Eat,” Eric decided to fulfill his promise of another cheeky photo to commemorate the occasion. In the Instagram post, Jessie expressed her excitement over the successful launch of her new book while praising Eric’s chicken chili recipe that he prepared for the occasion.

While Jessie made sure to censor Eric’s exposed posterior with a strategically placed emoji, it is evident that Eric is fully onboard with promoting his partner’s project. This isn’t the first time that Eric has bared it all for the sake of promoting the cookbook. Back in August, he also posed naked with the book, further illustrating his commitment to helping spread the word about Jessie’s culinary venture.

The exact details of the dinner menu were not disclosed, leaving fans wondering what delicious dishes were enjoyed that evening. However, with the tantalizing teaser of Eric’s chicken chili, it’s safe to say that their meal was a flavorful and satisfying one.

As the couple continues to celebrate the success of “Just Eat,” fans are left intrigued and eagerly anticipating what other surprises these two will have in store. With their creative and unconventional approach to promoting Jessie’s cookbook, it’s clear that Eric and Jessie James Decker are a dynamic duo both in and out of the kitchen.