E-40 Defends Unconventional Food Combos And Jaidyn Alexis’ Viral ‘Prison Recipes’


E-40, the legendary rapper and cookbook author, is coming to the defense of Jaidyn Alexis, who recently faced criticism for her unconventional meals for Blueface, another popular rapper. E-40 believes that people should embrace unique food combinations and not judge based on appearances alone. In a recent interview outside Sei Less restaurant in NYC, E-40 shared some kitchen tips and insights from his cookbook, which he co-authored with Snoop Dogg.

Key Takeaway

E-40 defends Jaidyn Alexis’ unconventional meals and encourages people to embrace mixing and matching random foods. He showcases creative recipes in his cookbook and plans to open a flagship restaurant called “Goon With The Spoon.”

In response to the backlash Jaidyn Alexis received for her goopy pasta and cheese dinner, E-40 highlights the creative recipes in his cookbook. He mentions one dish in particular – a ground turkey and sausage stuffed mozzarella BBQ meatloaf – that could be a standout addition to any holiday gathering. E-40 describes these recipes as “ghetto elegant,” a term he coined from his experience of cooking with limited ingredients during his early years.

E-40’s passion for food goes hand in hand with his music career. In fact, he recently released his 27th album, “Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1,” where he raps about his childhood food experiences. The lyrics include lines such as, “My household wasn’t like the Cosbys, grew up on spam, noodles, fried bologna.”

If you doubt E-40’s culinary prowess, he invites you to visit his flagship restaurant, “Goon With The Spoon,” which will be opening soon. He promises generous portions of bacon cheeseburger lumpia, a unique twist on a classic dish that is sure to leave diners satisfied.