Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Collaborates With Wax Museum To Redesign New Figure


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, popular actor and former professional wrestler, is taking action to address the criticism surrounding his new wax figure at a museum. Fans have been quick to point out that the figure does not accurately represent the star’s likeness. In response, Johnson has announced that he is partnering with the museum to make significant changes and improvements to the figure.

Key Takeaway

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is collaborating with the Grévin Museum to address the concerns surrounding his new wax figure. The museum is committed to making the necessary improvements to accurately represent Johnson’s likeness.

Addressing the Concerns

In a lighthearted response, Johnson took to social media to acknowledge the feedback from fans and assure them that he is taking the situation seriously. He revealed his plans to have his team reach out to the Grévin Museum in Paris, France, where the figure is currently displayed, to collaborate on fixing the inaccuracies.

Notably, the criticisms mainly focus on the differences between the figure and Johnson himself. The actor playfully mentioned that one of the key areas to address is his skin color, causing a playful chuckle among his followers.

A Collaborative Effort

The Grévin Museum has also expressed their dedication to rectifying the situation. A spokesperson for the museum confirmed that they are working closely with Johnson to make the necessary adjustments to the figure. They assured that the changes will be made promptly and shared with Johnson once completed.

The museum’s team intends to work overnight to ensure that the figure can remain on display during the renovations. Furthermore, they look forward to welcoming Johnson to Paris in the future to celebrate the new and improved figure, suggesting a classy champagne celebration.

Excitement and Criticism from Fans

Ever since the unveiling of the wax figure, fans have been actively voicing their opinions on social media. Numerous fans pointed out various discrepancies, including the outfit worn by the figure and its lighter skin tone. Some even humorously associated the figure’s appearance with fellow actor Vin Diesel.

While the original figure may have missed the mark, fans can now look forward to an enhanced representation of their beloved star. With Johnson’s involvement and the dedication of the museum, the new figure is sure to impress visitors and capture the spirit of “The Rock” himself.