Dwayne Johnson Denies Being Booed For Not Helping Wildfire Victims


Internet personality Nick Sortor accused Dwayne Johnson of being booed for not providing aid to Maui after the devastating wildfires. However, Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, has vehemently denied these claims, calling them “false clickbait garbage” and clarifying the situation.

Key Takeaway

Dwayne Johnson has denied accusations of being booed for not aiding Maui wildfire victims, emphasizing his contributions to The People’s Fund of Maui and urging for positive actions to support the affected community.

Accusations and Response

Nick Sortor posted a video on Twitter showing people at a WWE event booing Dwayne Johnson. Sortor claimed that the audience was berating Johnson for not fulfilling his promise to help Maui after the wildfires. He pointed to some fans chanting “Maui” in the video as evidence of their displeasure.

However, Dwayne Johnson refuted Sortor’s claims, stating that he was being booed for playing “the heel” in a WWE press conference, which is a wrestling term for the villain. Johnson emphasized that he and Oprah Winfrey had initiated The People’s Fund of Maui with a $10 million donation, which has since delivered over $50 million to thousands of wildfire survivors.

Johnson’s Message

Dwayne Johnson addressed Sortor directly, urging him to use his platform to uplift the people of Hawaii instead of spreading false information. He also apologized to the Hawaiian community for the negativity surrounding the situation and encouraged Sortor to take positive action to help those in need.

Continuing Dispute

Despite Johnson’s response, Sortor has not backed down and offered to meet with Johnson to discuss the matter. A community note has been added to Sortor’s tweet, explaining the context of the booing video and suggesting that the audience may have been referencing The Rock’s character from the movie “Moana.”