Drake’s Massive Bra Collection: A Testament To His Certified Lover Boy Status


Drake, the renowned rapper and self-proclaimed certified lover boy, has recently showcased a jaw-dropping collection of bras that he has acquired during his “It’s All a Blur” tour. The sheer quantities and variety of bras that he proudly displays attest to his undeniable charm and appeal.

Key Takeaway:

Drake’s massive bra collection, acquired during his “It’s All a Blur” tour, showcases his undeniable charm and appeal as the certified lover boy. This unique collection stands as a testament to his extraordinary performances and the adoration he receives from fans worldwide.

A Bra Collection Like No Other

Drake took to social media to share his impressive collection, which consists of bras in all cup sizes and an array of captivating colors. These undergarments were generously gifted to him by enthusiastic female fans from around the world who attend his electrifying shows.

This bra bonanza reached its peak in July when a resident from Rhode Island, Veronica Correia, threw her stunning 36G bra onto the stage. This spontaneous act of admiration immediately caught Drake’s attention, leading him to seek out the generous donor. As fate would have it, this encounter opened doors for Correia, who received offers from prestigious publications such as Playboy.

A Heartwarming Father-Son Moment

During one of his performances, Drake’s son, Adonis, was present in the audience. In a tender moment, Drake kindly requested that the crowd refrain from throwing bras onto the stage. However, his mischievous father couldn’t resist trolling him by presenting him with a comically oversized bra, much to everyone’s amusement.

An Unforgettable Tour Souvenir

While fans often settle for overpriced t-shirts as tour mementos, Drake has truly taken it to the next level. His extensive bra collection stands as a unique testament to his legendary status as the certified lover boy. The sheer spectacle and variety of these undergarments are undoubtedly a cherished reminder of his remarkable performances and the adoration he receives from fans worldwide.