Drake Claps Back At Yasiin Bey Using ‘Umi Says’ Lyrics


Drake has responded to Yasiin Bey’s recent comments with a clever twist, using the lyrics from the iconic track “Umi Says.” This move comes after Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, made remarks about Drake’s music not aligning with the essence of hip hop.

Key Takeaway

Drake cleverly uses the lyrics of “Umi Says” to respond to Yasiin Bey’s criticism, asserting his place within the hip hop genre and promoting inclusivity in the music industry.

Drake’s Witty Response

On Tuesday, Drake took to social media to reference “Umi Says,” a song known for its positive message of spreading love and light. This choice of track serves as a direct response to Yasiin Bey’s criticism, highlighting the stark contrast between the two artists’ perspectives.

Drake also shared a notable interview clip featuring Method Man, emphasizing a more inclusive definition of hip hop. His post was captioned with, “What umi say again? Lemme shine my light king don’t change up now,” along with a lighthearted emoji, signaling his nonchalant attitude towards Yasiin Bey’s remarks.

The Ongoing Debate

Yasiin Bey’s comments implied that Drake’s music leans towards pop rather than staying true to the core of hip hop. He even hinted at the potential decline of Drake’s influence in the hip hop scene. In response, Drake’s actions convey a strong assertion of his position within the hip hop genre, advocating for inclusivity and diversity within the music industry.