Drake’s Photographer Controversy: A Response To Megan Thee Stallion Accusations


Drake’s recent shoutout to photographer MegYup during his Houston concert has caused quite a stir. Fans have taken the innocent mention and turned it into yet another controversy involving Megan Thee Stallion.

Key Takeaway

Drake’s shoutout to photographer MegYup during his Houston concert has stirred up controversy and speculation about his intentions towards Megan Thee Stallion. However, MegYup has clarified that the shoutout was not meant as a diss and instead supports Drake’s upcoming album.

The Shoutout Heard ‘Round the Internet

During Drake’s September 18 show, he took a moment to give a shoutout to photographer MegYup, saying, “Real H-Town love, shout out to Meg one time for real … not that Meg, this Meg.”

This seemingly innocent shoutout quickly caught the attention of fans, who remembered Drake’s past mention of Megan Thee Stallion in his track “Circo Loco” from the album “Her Loss,” which was seen as a diss towards the Houston rap star. Speculation began to circulate on social media, with fans wondering if Drake’s shoutout was another subtle jab at Megan Thee Stallion.

MegYup Sets the Record Straight

MegYup took to her own social media to clarify the situation and express her frustration with unintelligible trolls who were misconstruing the shoutout. She emphasized that the shoutout was intended solely as a gesture of support and appreciation for her work. Eventually, she decided to move on from the controversy and instead opted to promote Drake’s upcoming album.

Drake’s Silence

Despite the speculation and controversy, Drake has not addressed the “Circo Loco” lyrics or made any further mention of Megan Thee Stallion since the verdict of her trial against Tory Lanez. Legal representative Alex Spiro, who represented Megan Thee Stallion in the trial, has confidently stated that doubters and Drake himself will have “egg on their faces” as the verdict went in their favor.