Drake Captures Pilots Landing Private Plane In Low Visibility


Drake recently shared a thrilling first-person video of his pilots successfully landing his jumbo jet in low visibility conditions. The rapper joined his pilots in the cockpit, capturing the incredible moment as they skillfully navigated the challenging landing.

Key Takeaway

Drake captures a heart-pounding moment as his pilots skillfully land his private jet in low visibility conditions, showcasing the excitement and precision of the landing.

Drake’s First-Person View

In the captivating video, Drake is seen behind the pilots in the cockpit as they guide Air Drake through thick fog during the descent for landing. The robotic voice can be heard counting down the altitude, with almost no visibility outside the windows until the aircraft is just 50 feet above the ground. Suddenly, the runway emerges through the dense fog, leading to a successful touchdown.

Celebrating the Feat

As the private jet touches down, Drake can be heard expressing his excitement and even toasting to the successful landing. He captioned the post with a nod to the thrill of low visibility landings, highlighting the exhilaration of the experience.

Drake’s firsthand footage offers a glimpse into the high-stakes world of private jet travel and showcases his adventurous spirit as a thrill-seeker.