Dominique Wilkins Pulls Own Rookie Card In Pack Break, Hoped For Michael Jordan!


In a recent video that has gone viral, former NBA superstar Dominique Wilkins opened a pack of vintage basketball cards and pulled his own rookie card. The pack break was documented by OTIA Sports CEO Jason Koonce, who joined Wilkins in the hopes of finding a Michael Jordan rookie card.

Key Takeaway

In a thrilling pack break, Dominique Wilkins opened a set of 1986 Fleer basketball cards and uncovered his own rookie card. Although he had hoped for a Michael Jordan card, Wilkins’s surprise find adds an exciting twist to the world of basketball collectibles.

The Hunt for Basketball Legends

Wilkins and Koonce set their sights on the 1986 Fleer basketball cards, a set known for its plethora of rookie cards featuring basketball legends such as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, and of course, Dominique Wilkins.

The video captured the excitement as Wilkins revealed the cards one by one, coming across famous names like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Bill Walton. But the real surprise came when Wilkins stumbled upon his own rookie card.

A Jaw-Dropping Moment

The moment sparked instant excitement among the group, with Koonce vehemently denying any notion that the card was planted. “This was sealed, this was not planned,” Koonce exclaimed in the video. “That is insane!”

Wilkins, a true legend of the game, expressed a mix of surprise and gratitude at finding his own rookie card. While he may have been hoping for a Michael Jordan, Wilkins acknowledged his own achievements and the value of his card, especially if it remains in good condition.

Potential Value

Depending on its condition, Wilkins’ rookie card could hold significant value and fetch thousands of dollars on the market. Collectors and fans alike understand the historical significance and rarity of these vintage basketball cards, making them highly sought after.

All in all, while Dominique Wilkins may not have pulled a Michael Jordan rookie card, he can still revel in the fact that he was a remarkable player in his own right. His unexpected discovery of his own rookie card only adds another fascinating chapter to his legacy.