Doja Cat Addresses Devil-Worshipping Claims On ‘Scarlett’ Album, Acknowledges God’s Role In Her Success


Doja Cat, the talented and controversial artist, has finally confronted the long-standing accusations of devil-worshipping that have haunted her for months. In her latest album, “Scarlett,” she addresses the allegations head-on with powerful lyrics that leave no room for doubt.

Key Takeaway

Doja Cat directly addresses the devil-worshipping allegations that have been circulating for months in her new album “Scarlett.” She denies any association with darkness and emphasizes her belief in God as the source of her success. The talented artist maintains her focus on her music career and strives to achieve the coveted number one album spot.

Defending Herself Through Music

Released on Friday, the album features Doja Cat’s unapologetic responses to her critics. In tracks like “F*** the Girls (FTG),” she employs her distinct cheeky style, making bold statements that capture attention. However, amidst the defiant lines, Doja Cat surprises listeners with a moment of clarity.

The Revelation – “Skull and Bones”

It is in the midst of “Scarlett” that Doja Cat lays bare her true beliefs. In the track “Skull and Bones,” she emphatically denies the accusations of being associated with darkness and sinister forces. Her second verse specifically addresses the rumors by stating, “Y’all been pushing ‘Satan this’ and ‘Satan that.’ My fans are yelling, ‘Least she’s rich,’ you need that pact.” She also dismisses the notion that her tattoos hold any malevolent significance.

God’s Role in Doja Cat’s Success

While Doja Cat’s tattoos may have raised eyebrows, she makes it clear that her recent achievements are not a result of any dark pact but due to her talent and hard work. Despite the controversy surrounding her, she credits God for her chart-topping success and explicitly mentions it in her lyrics. The rapper broke hip hop’s year-long drought atop the Billboard 100 with her hit single “Paint the Town Red,” a remarkable milestone celebrated by Dionne Warwick herself, who surely wouldn’t associate herself with anything considered evil.

Striving for the Top

Regardless of the ongoing debate regarding her spirituality, Doja Cat remains focused on her career and aims to secure the number one spot on the charts with her album “Scarlett.” Her determination and talent will undoubtedly continue to keep fans and critics alike captivated and engaged.