David Njoku’s Bonfire Mishap: Browns Star Suffers Severe Burns


Cleveland Browns tight end, David Njoku, endured a harrowing experience during a bonfire accident earlier this season, burning nearly a quarter of his body. The severity of the injuries sustained in the mishap was revealed by Njoku’s doctor, who described them as “probably the most painful burn you can have.”

Key Takeaway

Cleveland Browns star David Njoku suffered severe burns, approximately 17% of his body, in a bonfire accident. Despite the doctor’s recommendation to rest, Njoku returned to the field shortly after the incident and continues to perform as a dedicated player. He now advocates for burn victims through the American Burn Association.

The Bonfire Incident

Njoku recently shared the details of the incident, which occurred on September 29. Known to enjoy relaxing by bonfires in his backyard on Fridays, Njoku ran out of his usual lighter fluid that night. He decided to try using a spray to ignite the logs in the pit instead.

Tragically, when Njoku attempted to start the fire, particles in the air caught ablaze and exploded in his face. The consequences were immediate and severe, resulting in significant burns to his body.

The Doctor’s Evaluation

Dr. Joseph Khouri of University Hospitals, who treated Njoku, explained the extent of his injuries. The tight end suffered second-degree partial-thickness burns, affecting the top two layers of his skin. These types of burns are particularly painful and require specialized care.

Despite Khouri’s recommendation to take time off from playing, Njoku ignored the advice and returned to the field for the Browns just two days after the incident. He expressed his determination to play against their arch-rivals, the Ravens, stating that it was a personal matter for him.

Despite the intense pain he experienced throughout the game, Njoku managed to record six catches for 46 yards. His dedication to the sport and his team was unquestionable.

Advocacy for Burn Victims

Following his recovery, Njoku has decided to use his platform to advocate for burn victims. He is now representing the American Burn Association as part of the NFL’s “My Cause My Cleats” promotion this weekend. Through this initiative, he aims to raise awareness and support for those affected by burn injuries.