Browns’ David Njoku Recounts Terrifying Burn Accident: “I Should’ve Been Blinded”


Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku recently opened up about a harrowing accident that left his face badly burned. The incident occurred when Njoku was at a fire pit, and a fireball erupted, causing significant damage to his face. Reflecting on the incident, Njoku expressed gratitude that he didn’t lose his eyesight.

Key Takeaway

David Njoku, Cleveland Browns tight end, narrowly escaped losing his eyesight in a terrifying burn accident. Despite the incident, Njoku showed remarkable resilience by playing in an NFL game only days later.

A Close Call

Njoku shared his experience with reporters, revealing that he had his eyes open when the fireball burned his face. Despite the intense heat and potentially blinding impact, Njoku considers himself fortunate. “I should’ve been blinded,” he said. “I give all glory to God that I still have my eyesight.”

A Test of Strength

The resilient athlete showcased his toughness by playing in a game against the Baltimore Ravens just days after the accident. Despite the burns on his face, Njoku wore his helmet to protect the area as he contributed to the team’s efforts. “All the pain and suffering from training in the offseason is far worse than any of this,” he remarked.

Heritage of Resilience

Njoku’s ability to persevere and push through adversity comes as no surprise considering his background. As a former first-round draft pick, he has consistently showcased his strength and fortitude both on and off the field.

Initial Secrecy and Recovery

Initially, Njoku kept his injury under wraps, concealing his face with a mask while moving in and out of the locker room. However, he later shared a photo on social media, revealing the extent of his burns and providing updates on his healing progress.

While the Browns ultimately lost the game against the Ravens, Njoku’s performance on the field stood out. He caught six passes for a total of 46 yards, displaying his determination and unwavering commitment.

As Njoku continues to heal, he expressed remarkable positivity, stating that he has “never felt better.” This powerful mindset will undoubtedly contribute to his ongoing recovery and future success both on and off the football field.