Damian Lillard Surprises Fans With Wedding Performance In Portland


NBA star Damian Lillard, known for his incredible skills on the court, recently showed that his love for his fans extends beyond the basketball arena. In a heartwarming gesture, Lillard crashed the wedding of two of his biggest supporters in Portland, Oregon.

Key Takeaway

Damian Lillard surprised two of his biggest fans at their wedding by crashing the ceremony and performing a song. This act of love and support highlights the strong bond between the NBA star and his loyal fanbase in Portland.

A Trail Blazers Love Tale

The wedding of Jay and Kelly Virdee, who have been together for six years, was a celebration not just of their love for each other but also their shared passion for the Portland Trail Blazers. The couple, who met at a local winery, are fervent fans of Lillard and his team.

Interestingly, Jay grew up in the same Bay Area region as Lillard before relocating to Portland for work. Their connection to the NBA All-Star player made their wedding day even more special.

A Musical Surprise

Thanks to a mutual friend, L.A. rapper Dreebo, who had previously collaborated with Lillard, the couple received the surprise of their lives. Lillard was convinced to make an appearance at the wedding reception and perform a song.

The choice of the song, “Home Team,” was especially fitting. It was a collaboration between Dreebo and Lillard, highlighting the strong bond between the basketball superstar and his beloved fans.

A Display of Loyalty

This heartwarming gesture comes at a time when Lillard’s future with the Trail Blazers is uncertain. In July, he made a request for a trade after spending 11 seasons with the team. Despite the potential departure, it is clear that a significant part of Rip City, as the fans lovingly call the city of Portland, remains devoted to Lillard.