Damian Lillard And Mac McClung Celebrate All-Star Contest Victories At Hot Spot


Damian Lillard and Mac McClung, the big winners of the NBA All-Star Weekend, celebrated their victories in style at a celebrity-packed hot spot. The Milwaukee Bucks superstar and G League standout emerged victorious in the Three-point and Slam Dunk contests, respectively. Shortly after their wins, they were treated to the VIP experience at Sei Less NYC’s popup party in Indianapolis.

Key Takeaway

Damian Lillard and Mac McClung celebrated their NBA All-Star contest victories at a star-studded event, joined by fellow basketball luminaries and enjoying a delightful culinary experience.

Celebrity Attendance

The event boasted an impressive guest list, including Allen Iverson, Draymond Green, Fabolous, Druski, Paulo Bancero, Anthony Edwards, and Trae Young. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the stars came together to celebrate the achievements of Lillard and McClung.

Mac McClung’s Appreciation

Mac McClung was seen enjoying the cuisine and even took the opportunity to visit the back kitchen to express his gratitude to the chefs for the delicious food. The celebration was not only a recognition of their victories but also a chance for the athletes to unwind and enjoy the company of fellow basketball enthusiasts.

Birthday Surprise

The festivities extended to ex-NBAer Al Harrington, who was celebrating his 44th birthday. The celebration included a heartwarming surprise as he was presented with a birthday cake, adding to the joyous atmosphere of the evening.

Culinary Delights

The culinary experience was a highlight of the evening, with chef Allen Ma continuing to prepare delectable dishes such as chicken satays, salt and pepper shrimp, and fried rice late into the night, ensuring that everyone left satisfied and content.